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What is Hand and Body lotion?

A hand and body lotion is an emulsion of water and oils combined with a few other ingredients formulated for the skin of the hand and body to smooth, soothe, soften, moisturize and perfume the skin.

What are the ingredients in hand and body lotion?

A body lotion is made up of the following:


Oils 12-20% v/v e.g Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, almond oil etc.

Essential oils fragrance e.g citronella oil, Rose oil etc

Emulsifiers 5-8% – beeswax, candelilla wax, lecithin, stearic acid,

Vitamin E






etc. Oils 12-20% – avocado, almond, olive oil. Water, Additives, and Botanicals to 100 also have ingredients like vitamin e oil, oatmeal, essential oils, and added colors and scents.

How do you use body lotion?

Place container in right position to press and discharge some quantity of the lotion into your open palm, rub lotion into your hand or both hands and then rub the lotion all over your body.

What are the Benefits of hand and body lotion

Bath body lotion traps the moisture it adds to the skin when rubbed on the skin, thereby preventing the skin from drying.

The moisturiser effect softens and retain the moisture in dry tough regions of the body such as heels, elbow and ankle. So hand and body lotion is good for preventing rough dry hands and toughened heels.

Hand and body lotion can rectify the loss of sheen and attractiveness caused by dry and scaly skin.

After shaving, your skin is often dry and slightly stressed by the action of the chemicals in the shaving powder or the start parts of the razor. Applying a hand and body lotion after saving can tone down the stress on the skin and restore the skin balance back quickly.

Hand and body lotion are usually well scented and when applied on the skin, gives nice fragrance to the body that can boost your self confidence as you smell nice and attractive.

Hand and body lotion can restore the integrity and elasticity of the skin after exposure to skin irritants as a result of work or location in climates that are harsh to the skin.

People who work in harsh climates often apply body lotion on a regular basis, perhaps even daily.

A moist body lotion, when regularly applied, can make rough, unsightly and painful calluses become supple, soothing and exfoliated.

The smooth feel of gentle softness on your skin rotating in firm, steady massage movements when applying a hand and body lotion on your skin can remove stress, subdue pain, and enhance the release of the “feel good hormones” endorphins to make you feel happy.

There are lotions formulated for users to apply as a gesture of romance and affection to their partners.

As women get older and their skin loses its fat, oil and moisture, their skin becomes drier and less attractive. To delay such aging effect of the skin, hand and body lotion can be applied regularly. It will keep her skin tone and elasticity healthy and attractive.

There are lotions of pharmaceutical grade meant for the prophylaxis and treatment of certain unsavoury skin conditions e.g anti-acne lotion,insect repellent lotion etc.

Vitamin E, a key ingredient in hand and body lotion, helps to reduce the appearance of stetchmarks(e.g pregnancy stetchmarks)  and scars while keeping the skin smooth and supple.

Are face and body lotions different?

Yes they are. They serve different utility purposes based on priority given to each feature and the condition experienced by each of this part of the skin. Far lotions are usually pricier than body lotion because they contain more ingredients and some of the ingredients are costly, less likely to cause skin irritations and more effective at enhancing facial beauty people seem to prioritize more.

No doubt, for most individuals,body skin and facial skin have different features arising from different level of exposures to the atmospheric conditions.

For example, the skin of the face is more exposed in very harsh , cold or hot atmospheric conditions so it can be easily affected whereas the skin of some parts of the body are very protected from the harsh condition because they are covered by clothing.

Also, while face skins are formulated more for deep action on pores,skin oil, dark spots, skin lines and facial wrinkles, body lotions are formulated to keep the skin firm and delay skin aging and damage from skin conditions including inherited skin conditions.

Body and face lotions are also diffetent in terms of texture and consistency. Face lotions are thicker than hand and body lotions because they contain more cocoa butter, oil and film formers which add to their vicosity.

Can you use body lotion on your feet?

Yes. You can use hand lotion on the skin of your feet . The skin of the feet is thicker than the face skin and hand and body lotions are safe for use on the skin of the feet.
However, avoid rubbing the lotion in between your toes to prevent smelly toe jams and fungal infections(e.g athlete’s foot) that thrive in such warm and moist region of the feet.

Example of brands of hand and body lotion?

Soft & Sensual

Body shop hemp hand cream.

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Will Soft and Sensual darken my skin?


Soft & Sensual Hand and Body lotion is the “food” the skin of your feet,hand and body needs to keep it healthy,supple and fresh enough to withstand aging and climate stress.

It’s not skin brightening lotion but it will keep your skin healthy and maintain its natural tone. 

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