Valp Maxi is best for Your puppies & Here’s Why

What is Valp Maxi?

It is a complete food specially developed for pets at home puppy and nursing bitches.

Valp for puppy is superb premium food loaded with extra nutrients, vitamins and minerals, that growing puppies need to grow in a healthy natural manner .

It is excellent as a starter meal for puppies of ages from 3 weeks old, as complete food from 4 weeks to 2 years and up to adulthood.

Also, Valp is ideal for pregnant and nursing bitches.

Does Valp an energy giving product?

It contains high fat content which helps to meet high energy needs.

Is Valp nutritious?

It contains high quality, easily digestible ingredients such as chicken, fish, etc and contains 81% animal protein of total protein content.

Does Valp Maxi enhance stronger bones?

It is rich in minerals which like Calcium and Phosphorus which help to strengthen the bones.

It is fortified with appropriate amount of vitamin D which are vital for the absorption of calcium and phosphorus into the blood.

It contains as much as 81% protein.

Is Valp Maxi good for shiny skin?

It contains biotin, a B-vitamin, to help build up a good coat. It is rich in fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 to improve the condition of the skin and coat.

It is enriched with copper to stimulate enzymes which enhance colour of coat.

Does Valp Maxi aid digestibility?

It contains lecithin to increase digestibility of fats.

Does it enhance good dentition?

It is rich in minerals to strengthen the teeth. It has the right balance of calcium and phosphorus to strengthen teeth.

It in enriched with vitamin D to increase absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Does Valp Maxi affect the stomach?

It promotes a healthy stomach because it has high energy content with smaller portions to avoid stomach problems.

It contains fructo-oligosaccharides and yeast which favour the microflora of  ‘good’ bacteria in the stomach and reduce the risk of passing out of soft stools.

It is rich in fibre to improve bowel movement and the texture of dog stool.

Does Valp Maxi affect the immune system?

Valp contains the optimum amount of nutrients required for boosting an effective immune system and maintaining it.

Optimum dietary quantity of fatty acids Omega-3 and Omega-6 are present to rein in inflammatory reactions and boost immunity.

Also, Valp is fortified with fat-soluble Vitamins A and E which are essential to help the body of the dog increase resistance to disease and makes the immune response more effective.

It has beta-carotene, an antioxidant to strengthen natural immunity.

What is the nutritional value of Valp Maxi?

It comes in 35 kilogram per bag as kibbles composed of

chicken (58%),

animal fat,

wheat meal,


vegetable fibres,

hydrolyzed animal protein,


whole eggs,

salmon oil,


fructooligosaccharides (0.3%),

potassium chloride,



sea algae,


Constituents from lab analysis of Valp Maxi:

protein 29.0%,

fat content 18.0%,

crude ash 7.5%,

crude fibre 2.5%,

calcium 1.2%,

phosphorus 0.8%,

omega-3 fatty acids 1.1%,

omega-6 fatty acids 2.0% 

Enriched with:

vitamin A 17500 IU/kg,

vitamin D3 1600 IU/kg,

vitamin E 500 mg/kg,

beta-carotene 1 mg/kg,

Iron 200 mg/kg,

Iodine 3 mg/kg,

Copper 8mg/kg,

Manganese 60 mg/kg,

Zinc 120 mg/kg,

Selenium 0.2 mg/kg,

Chondroitin-glucosamine 1000 mg/kg,

taurine 1000 mg/kg,

Tocopherol acetate.

What is the best brands of food for puppies?

Valp Maxi specially designed for puppies,

Pro-Plan puppy food

Pets at home wainwrights.

How To Get Dog food For Puppies For Free

This premium brand of dog food specially formulated for puppies comes with free samples. You can send a text message “send me a sample offer” by SMS or Whatsapp.

ask send me a sample of Pro Prima