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What is known as Vietnamese coffee?

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Vietnamese coffee, Café viet, also referred to as cà phê đá or sometimes called cafe da is an old-fashioned Vietnamese coffee formula.

How is Vietnamese coffee made?

To make the basic form of Vietnamese coffee, use medium to coarse ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee and filter by means of a small metal Vietnamese drip filter. The coffee obtained from the filtration of the ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee is the viet coffee.

How To make Vietnamese coffee at home 

It takes 15-20 minutes to prepare strong Vietnamese coffee at home. You will need the Vietnamese coffee filter (phin)

Your ingredients for making home brewed Vietnamese coffee at home  are :

2 cups of boiled water
1-2 tablespoons of ground roasted Vietnamese-grown coffee
1- 2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk or powdered milk (optional )
One tablespoon of honey/sugar (optional)
3-5 ice cubes.

Instructions to prepare your home made Vietnamese coffee

Step 1
Measure out all your ingredients and transfer 1- 2 cups of water in a kettle and boil.
Step 2
Transfer 1-2 tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk into a serving glass cup .
Step 3
Place the Vietnamese coffee filter(phin) gently on top of the glass . Then scoop 1- 2 tablespoons of Vietnamese ground coffee into the coffee drip filter. Carefully, place the top plate on the grounded Vietnamese coffee and close the lid of the Vietnamese coffee filter.
Step 4
 Pour the hot water in the kettle into the Vietnamese coffee filter.
Leave for 3-5 minutes for
the filtered coffee to drip slowly through the Vietnamese coffee filter ( phin) into the serving glass .
Step 5
Once the brewed Vietnamese coffee in the phin has completely dripped into your glass. Remove the phin and add a handful of ice to your coffee in the glass.
Now your iced Vietnamese coffee otherwise known as cafe sua da is read. Transfer into your cups and drink. You may sweeten with honey a few teaspoons of sugar and you can drink hot by not adding ice.

What is exceptional about Vietnamese coffee?

Vietnamese coffee is fermented by the  traditional method in a small metal cup called a phin , almost same size as a mug or cup, where it brews extremely sluggishly. The final product is a solid and trivial coffee which looks more like a thicker, more caffeinated espresso.

What is the alteration between Vietnamese coffees?

The modifications in taste generally overlay with the alteration in taste amid Robusta and Arabica beans. Vietnamese coffee possesses a more vigorous taste with very little sharpness as a result of the dark roast.
Nevertheless, the sense of taste is not very exposed or bright like good paper filter coffee is.

Is Vietnamese coffee good for your health?

Vietnamese coffee is stronger when compared to regular coffee. Therefore,  a can of Vietnamese coffee contains the same caffeine as about three cups of other types of coffee. Lovers of viet coffee take a cup daily to delight themselves in the heart-healthy advantages of Vietnamese coffee.
The caffeine makes it more effective to brighten you up after a drink but note Vietnamese coffee is more addictive than your regular coffee as well.

Can Vietnamese coffee be considered the best?

Despite the increase in popularity of specialty Arabica coffee beans, Vietnam is reputed as the best as regards the production of highly caffeinated, slightly more bitter than regular coffee , Robusta coffee beans. Vietnamese coffee( Coffeeviet) is very dark in colour , robust, intense fragrance , great coffee flavour and highly regarded as being the flawless exotic complementary bean for exceptional espresso or Arabica blends taste .

Why is Vietnamese coffee well known?

Vietnamese coffee is well known as a result of the beans. Almost every Vietnam’s coffee beans — around 97% — are of the robusta variety. Vietnamese coffee together with it features; their bold, earthy, bitter flavor, and high caffeine content, robusta beans are naturally used to make low-priced, mass-market products, as well as instant coffee and supermarket blends.
Do Vietnamese take coffee?
The Classic Vietnamese Drip
On every street in Vietnam, if possible you could check every house and the shops, the likelihoods of finding atleast one person loving traditional Vietnamese drip coffee are very high. It is a simple but delightful drink.

What coffee beans is Vietnamese made from?

To have the best, Vietnamese coffee should be prepared with Robusta beans. These beans are stress-free and low-cost to grow than Arabica beans. Robusta beans have a tendency to be more bitter, less acidic and hold almost two times as much caffeine.

What’s the nutritional value of Vietnamese coffee ?

According to the Nutritionix , 8 fl oz(equivalent of  237 grams ) of Vietnamese coffee contain the nutrient value stated in the chart below
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What are the best brands of Vietnamese coffee?

Nescafe Café viet Milky Iced Coffee ,
Bach whole bean Robusta,
Cafe Du Monde Vietnamese Coffee ,
Chestbrew Whole Bean Coffee,
G7 3-in-1 Instant Premium Vietnamese Coffee,
Len’s Coffee Vietnamese Coffee Kit ,
Lang Thang Coffee Co. Saigon Phin Daklak
Dalat Highlands peaberry Robusta ,
Nguyen Coffee Supply Loyalty ,
Saigon Phin Daklak Pre-Ground Coffee,
Trung Nguyen coffee ,
Vinacafe Bach Instant Coffee Mix ,
VN Roaster butter roasted coffee .

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