Request for Donation For Motherless Babies



Dear friends,


I am pleased to introduce you to the Symbol of Hope Foundation, an NGO and non profit organization whose vision is to provide support for the Orphans, Motherless, Fatherless and vulnerable children.

In January, 2020, we raised support for a 3 year old motherless kid who has been in the motherless home since he was 2 days old. The kid is now in school and he’s doing well. We have been checking on him to see to his needs since then. Also during Covid -19 lockdown, we provided foodstuffs for the motherless babies at Kersey motherless home in Ogbomoso, Nigeria.

As time goes on, we aim to adopt some of them, help sponsor their education, which we have started; organize camp meetings, and other various possible ways to help and make sure that every child in our care is raised just like other children.

Currently, the organization is planning to clothe these children in December with a budget of Seventy five thousand Naira (NGN 75, 000). We believe that putting a smile on their faces, especially during the festive period would help them feel important and have a sense of belonging in the society.

To achieve our goal and to help these children, we kindly request you make some monetary contribution to the organization. Any amount of monetary donations made towards this cause will be welcomed and highly honored. We greatly appreciate your donation and we promise that it will be used for the stated goal

Please, join us! The uniqueness of your contribution makes a difference. Your change can make the difference.

Thank you in advance for your kind gesture towards our organization.