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What is known as Baby oil?

Baby Oil For Skin Care & Massage On Free Stuffs NG

Baby oil is a special mineral oil that is the main ingredient in baby oil formulation.

Like petroleum jelly, baby oil is obtained from the leftover that remains when crude oil is refined. Baby oil is subjected to further processing until it’s safe to be used for skin care and on cosmetic manufacturing equipment.

What can we use baby oil for?

Baby Oil For Skin Care & Massage On Free Stuffs NG

In general terms, baby oil is inert oil majorly used for keeping the skin soft and supple. It is mostly used on babies with the aim of retaining the natural soft and tender skin of babies , but it can sometimes be used by adults as skincare and for massage.

Why is baby oil not good for you?

Just as it’s common to other oil, baby oil can block your skin pores. This may cause irritation to your scalp.

As well, it can lead to acne if the oil gets onto your hairline or forehead. If it is used in excess, baby oil can also make your hair look and feel greasy.

Can Baby Oil be poisonous?

Baby oil is mainly a hydrocarbon obtained from refined petroleum .

It is a known derivative of fossil fuels too and that class includes  gasoline, motor oil, hair oil, lighter fluid and others.

Baby oil, like most products derived from fossil fuels,can be injurious if they are inhaled or swallowed .

Can you apply baby oil on your lips?

Yeah, it is perfect for the lips.
If you have dry lips, baby oil gel can help make your lips succulent naturally.

Furthermore, as the oil is gotten naturally from the gel, it is great deal in our daily lip gloss and keep your lips looking really glossy.

Is it safe to use Baby Oil?

Without having to think twice, the answer is no. Though baby oil is safe to use on the skin as a moisturizer, it is not to be used as a sexual lubricant.

Baby oil together with other mineral oil products that can be used as lubes can be a major cause of condom problems and skin irritation. It is reported that it weakens condoms.

What’s the composition of baby oil?

Typically, most brands of baby oil are formulated from ingredients such as liquid paraffin mineral oil, vegetable oil such as avocado oil, tocopherol acetate and essential oil as perfume. 

What are the best brands of baby oil?

Baby Oil For Skin Care & Massage

Doremi Baby Oil, 

Babyflo Baby Oil, 

California Baby Oil, 

Cussons Baby Oil, 

Dove Baby Massage Oil,

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil, 

Johnson’s Baby Oil, 

Pears Baby Oil, 

Pigeon Baby Oil, 

Vitaline Baby Oil. 

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