Baby Porridge Is Nutritious Choice Of Baby Food

What is baby porridge?

Baby porridge is a soft, easily digestible, creamy and very mild tasting baby food often served to babies in the early days of weaning.

You may choose to add your own flavours to the porridge with vegetables or fruits such as unsweetened apple sauce, grated apple or mashed banana.

What is baby porridge made of?

Baby’s porridge is essentially made up of oats that have been made fine enough that the nutrients in them are small sized with large surface area for quick digestion which immediately spikes up the babies blood with nutrients.

The oats in baby porridge cook more quickly so takes short time to prepare into a smooth texture for the tender palate of babies.

Can you give porridge to babies?

Yes. It is very popular baby food fed to babies in the early days of weaning. Though, typically served as breakfast,it is a meal that the baby may continue with after the weaning phase because porridge is not only great for baby food, it’s ideal for the whole family too.

Due to its high nutrients such as protein, carbs and fibres, porridge fills and and sustains babies appetite. You can change the taste each morning by adding vegetables, yogurt, fruit purée, grated or mashed fruit.

What age can you give baby porridge?

From 6 months and above.

This gives your baby time to learn and adjust  their palate to the texture so they can eventually cope well with solid foods which includes solid foods made into purées, cereals and baby rice added to milk.

As time goes on,babies will sooner adjust to be more able to hold and manipulate the rubber spoon, move food around mouth, nibble,swallow food and eventually feed themselves independently.

Can I give my baby porridge at 3 months?

It is recommended that babies in this age category should be exclusively on breast milk.

However, if your baby’s appetite and frequency of feeding is no longer matched by your breast milk, you may complement the breakfast with the baby porridge, especially rice porridge at age 3 month.

What porridge can I give my 6 month old?

At 6 months, your baby would be able to handle soft, creamy and mildly tasting porridge prepared from oats.

Is baby rice the same as baby porridge?

Baby porridge is usually a mix of grains such as corn, oats and sometimes rice with powdered formula for baby porridge  labelled creamy.

If you can’t buy the package baby porridge, you can make your own porridge by soaking your oak in mildly warm water long enough until it becomes very soft, prepare into oat meal , stir vigorously in the food processor or blender then add baby’s milk.

You can always change the flavour by adding vegetables or fruit sauces before serving your baby.

Though porridge can be made from rice but oat is preferred because rice has less fibre, it clags up  and its flavourless unlike oat.

Can you make baby porridge with water?

Yes you can make porridge with warm water. Branded packaged baby porridge is basically baby formula thickened with fine oats and fortified with minerals and vitamins.

So you can just add warm water to the porridge and serve to your baby as it already contains baby formula rich in milk.

Why baby porridge

Baby porridge contains baby food formula so you don’t need to buy baby formula separately to mix with your branded baby porridge.
It is easier to prepare and baby porridge meal  is rich in easily digestible nutrients that have been reduced in size with surface area increased so it takes short time for digestive enzymes to break down the nutrients in  the porridge.

What type of homemade porridge is best for babies?

When served to babies, it reduces the amount of times babies need to be breast fed daily especially in the morning , prepares them for weaning and eventually feeding themselves independently.

Oats porridge,

Rice Porridge Rice,

Barley Apple Porridge,

Ragi Porridge with Whole Ragi,

Ragi Porridge Using Ragi Flour,

Sweet Potato and Poha Porridge.

What is Ragi porridge?

It is the type of porridge made from finger millet porridge.

It is a nutrient-dense and healthy porridge made with ragi flour and mixed with water or milk, fruit sauces as flavour and sweetened with natural sweetener like honey.

What are the Benefits of Oatmeal for Your Baby

Oat itself is very rich in fibre and other nutrients like magnesium, zinc and iron.

It is mild tasting and easily digestible.

It is complementary to breast feeding and baby formula so it can easily blend with other baby foods.

Which branded porridge is best for a baby?

Heinz Baby First Step Porridge

Cerelac Porridge.

Can I add milk to my Heinz baby first step porridge?

Not neccesary because Heinz is a  creamy baby porridge made from baby formula but just made thick by adding oats.
Your baby is already used to baby formula so it is easier to adjust to porridge. That is why baby porridge is very popular for the early days of weaning your baby.

Is Heinz Baby First Step porridge good for babies?

Yes it is good. It is however not compulsory you start place your baby on only branded baby porridge. You  prepare your own  oat porridge and mixed with breast milk or baby food formula and serve to your baby as breakfast .

Can Heinz Baby First Step Cereal be mixed with cow milk?

That is not absolutely necessary since Heinz Baby First Step already comes mixed with milk formula. Just mix with water and give to your baby.

Which Porridge is best for 4 months baby?

Porridge of baby formula thickened with single-grain variety of cereal is good for 4 months old babies.
For example, Heinz First Step 4+ is rich in creal grains flours (37%, Rice, Maize, Millet), Demineralised Whey Powder (20%, from MILK), Skimmed MILK Powder (17%), Maltodextrin , Whole MILK Powder (5%), Dried Banana prepared from 33g of Banana.

Heinz First Step also contains essential amino acids,minerals and vitamins and can be easily mixed with your baby’s favourite fruit puree or vegetable for a tasty meal.

How much Heinz First Step should I give my 7 month old?

4 to 6 months: 3 to 4 tablespoons of cereal once a day, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of a vegetable and fruit 1 or 2 times a day.

7 months: 3 to 4 tablespoons of cereal once a day, 2 to 3 tablespoons of a vegetable and fruit twice a day, and 1 to 2 tablespoons of a meat and protein food once a day.

Can Heinz First Step be served at night?

Yes. From 6 months and above,you can prepare Heinz First Step dinner and  give to your baby during nighttime. It is multi-grain, mixed with carrots and sweet corn and each pack has up to 6 servings.

What are Ingredients in Heinz Baby First Step Cereal Porridge?

Oat Flour (38%) ,

Demineralised Whey Powder (24%, from Milk) ,

Skimmed Milk Powder (15%) ,

Maltodextrin ,

Sustainable Palm Oil ,

Whole Milk Powder (4%) ,

MilkProtein ,

Barley Malt Extract ,

Calcium Carbonate ,

Vitamin C ,

Niacin ,

Zinc Sulphate ,

Vitamin E ,

Iron ,

Vitamin B6 ,

Thiamin (B1) ,

Vitamin A ,

Riboflavin (B2) ,

Folic Acid ,

Vitamin D ,

Vitamin B12

What are benefits of Heinz First Step

Heinz first steps contains low salt and has no added sugar,egg, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

It has variety of yummy flavours, and the right texture to get your little one off to a great start!

It contains 12 key vitamins & minerals.

A meal of Heinz First Step is a good source of iron,calcium and vitamin D.

A pack is made up of 12 complete breakfasts weighing 240gm.

Now has resealable Tub & Handy Scoop.

How To Prepare Heinz Baby First Step Cereal Porridge.

Add approx. 60ml warm water to 3 to 4 scoops of cereal in a bowl and stir. Check the temperature before serving

1. Wash your hands before preparing baby’s food. Make sure all utensils are thoroughly clean.

2. Measure lukewarm previously boiled water 60ml into a clean weaning bowl.

3. to 3 to 4 scoops of cereal in a bowl

4. Stir until smooth. Check the temperature to be sure it’s not too warm .Feed your baby with a clean rubber spoon.

What is the Recommended Meals per Day of Cerelac

The 3-4 scoops of cereal is only a guide, you can prepare Heinz cereals to the texture and quantity your baby loves.

To make the whole process of weaning less cumbersome, get a weaning pack such as Ella’s kitchen weaning pack.

How To Get Baby Porridge For Free

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How To Get Kendamil Baby Organic Gluten Free Porridge For Free

Kendamil Baby Organic Gluten Free Porridge

This baby cereal is organically manufactured with no artificial colors, flavors, preservatives or gluten.

It is low in salt, ideal for vegetarians and nutritionally balanced with essential vitamins and minerals.

Kendamil Organic cereals are the nutritional option when you decide to start the process of weaning your little one.It is a balanced and ideal breakfast meal you can give your baby.

Kendamil Baby Organic Gluten Free Porridge – 4+ Months

Packaged as a 150g Cereal Box.

Just add warm Kendamil formula milk to provide a warming breakfast cereal to keep tiny tummies satisfied. Alter the texture to suit your little angel’s taste buds, as their appetite for their naturally delicious baby food grows.

Ingredients of Kendamil Organic cereals

Flours (Rice (40%),

Maize (30%),

Millet (30%),

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is non-organic

Allergens: Read ingredients on label. May contain Milk.

How To Prepare Kendamil Organic Gluten free Porridge

Step 1 – Set a clean bowl and feeding spoon.

Step 2 – Measure and transfer 6 tablespoons of warm milk and 2 tablespoons (1 tablespoon ≈ 6g) of powder.

Step 3 – Stir well until a consistent paste is ready. Ensure the temperature is ideal and warm then serve your baby the cereal meal.

Nutritional Values in Kendamil Baby Organic Gluten Free Porridge – 4+ Months

Nutritional value Per 100g serving

Energy 1633kJ 390kcal

Fat 1.8g( saturates 0.8g(

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) 1.2mg

Fibre 3.50 g

Protein 9.4g

Carbohydrate 82.1g( sugars 3.3g)

Sodium 0.01g