BBQ Sauce That Is Deliciously Rich

What is BBQ sauce?

Barbecue sauce a.ka BBQ is a sauce produced mainly from tomato paste, vinegar and other ingredients then used as a food marinade or topping for meat cooked in barbecue style.

How is BBQ sauce made?

Ingredients vary, but most include vinegar, tomato paste, or mayonnaise (or a combination) as a base, as well as liquid or paprika smoke, onion powder, spices such as mustard and black pepper, and sweeteners such as sugar or molasses.

What are the main ingredients in BBQ sauce?

Tomato paste


Brown sugar,



What is the difference between ketchup and BBQ sauce?

Ketchup is a made of seasoning and tomato paste with vinegar while BBQ  contains spices, more brown sugar and the other ingredients in Ketchup. Either of the two can be served with the vegan steak bake if you are vegan and watching your weight. For example, the meat-free option of vegan steak bake contains 380 calories whereas 408 calories is present in a classic steak bake.

What are the Ingredients in BBQ?

1 tablespoon  olive oil

1 onion, finely chopped,

1 tablespoon of smoked paprika or regular

400g can chopped tomatoes

3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

85g brown sugar,

3 tablespoon malt vinegar,

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce,

1 tablespoon of tomato purée

How To Make  Your Homemade BBQ sauce

Measure out 1 tablespoon of olive oil and heat in a saucepan. Add the onion in the oil and heat for 5 mins to soften onion and flavour the oil with onion flavour . Add the remaining ingredients listed above, season, mix, cover and  leave to boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 20-30 mins you get a paste.

For a smooth consistency BBQ sauce, simply pass the mixture in a food processor or with a hand blender for a few seconds before transferring into a bottle.

How many types of BBQ sauce are there?

Based on the base of the sauce, there are 4 types namely:

1.Tomato-Based Sauces

2.Vinegar-Based Sauces

3.Mustard-Based Sauces

4.Mayonnaise-Based Sauces

But based on the traditional regions they are popularly prepared in the United States, there a 4 popular types:

Texas style BBQ

The Texas style sauce is thin and if you want your barbecue dripping with sauce then the texas style BBQ sauce is the best for you.

Just dip the meat into the sauce before plating it for slow-cooking. This sauce is rich in flavor from ground chili peppers, cumin, onion, meat drippings and sometimes hot sauce, beer or coffee added to it. It is mostly used on beef.

Carolina style BBQ sauce

This can be a golden yellow BBQ sauce made from the mustard base, or clear and vinegar-based  floating flecks of cayenne. 

It tastes tangy from the vinegar present in it which when applied on pork permeate the fat in the pork ribs and butt into the meat while cooking. 

Kansas City style BBQ sauce

This is a thick, tomato-based sauces containing much sugar which when
cooked slowly over low heat, gives a crispy black lump on your barbecue from all the charred sugar.   Kansas City style BBQ sauce  is popularly used  on pork, pork ribs, and chicken. 

Memphis style BBQ sauce

Athough similar to the Kansas Style BBQ sauce but it contains less sugar so it is less sweet and it is generally served at the table for dipping or pouring over pork butts or ribs.

Memphis sauce is less thick in consistency and runnier.

Is barbecue sauce healthy for you?

BBQ Sauce is rich in antioxidants which helps the body prevent premature aging of cells but it has loads of sugar, two tablespoons of BBQ sauce can have as much as 100 calories, more than 10 grams of sugar and 22 grams of carbohydrates.

This sauce when consumed in large quantity raises the calories in your body.

This may eventually frustrate your weight loss plan and  become a health concern for diabetics suffering from poor blood sugar control.

What are the BBQ  health benefits of BBQ sauce

BBQ sauce is rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins such as the lipid-protecting antioxidant Vitamin E,  Vitamin A that help regulate thyroid hormones and promote healthy eyes

It contains Vitamin C as well which helps in defence against cell stress caused by free radicalsfloating around in the body.

Nutritional information of BBQ Sauce

This is as provided by USDA

Where can I use barbecue sauce?

BBQ sauce is essentially used as a food marinade, condiment, basting or topping for meat cooked in barbecue style.

In preparing potato filling for meat pie, you can mix the BBQ sauce minced meat, cheese and sour cream.

Also, you can use your BBQ sauce as alternative to pizza or spaghetti sauce or in place of ketchup for burgers, fries, hot dogs, and meat loaf.

What can I use instead of barbecue sauce?

You can make your BBQ sauce from a mixture of ketchup,  mustard and brown sugar.

How do you get BBQ sauce to stick to ribs?

The best method for getting BBQ sauce to stick on meats is to add the BBQ sauce before the last 10 – 15 minutes of cooking.

This the time the meat is soft from being mostly cooked and the meat surface has enough rough texture to hold the sauce to soak into the meat with less moisture oozing from the meat to wash off the sauce applied.

What can you mix BBQ sauce with?

Apart from mixing the sauce with other ingredients as used in potato filling, there are other reasons you may need to mix other ingredients with your BBQ sauce.

For example, if you desire to have a hot yet sweet taste that tones down the smoky taste and sweetness of the brown sugar, add ginger.

This also raises the health benefit profile of the sauce as it now includes the health benefits of ginger. Other sweeteners you may consider is fruit juice.

You can prepare a meal of fried potatoes dipped in barbecue sauce.

What do you eat BBQ sauce with?

Salad dressing with BBQ sauce,

Barbecue pork rib or butt

Barbecue pizza,

Top barbecue beef,

Spread on hotdogs,

Cocktail sauce

Examples of brands of BBQ sauce

Royal Deliciously Rich HPP BBQ sauce,

Kraft Hickory Smoke Barbecue Sauce,

Bulls-Eye Original BBQ Sauce,

Stubb’s Original Bar-B-Q Sauce.

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