Unique Products To Celebrate Success Traits

What is unique product?

A Unique Product is a product that is not a Common Product and that has been shown ,with supportive experimental data, to be significantly or biologically different from any Common Product.

In the e-commerce space, unique products are unique handmade items which have very few quantity available.

In short, unique products are not mass-produced in large quantity.

Can a unique product cease to be unique product?

Yes.A Unique Product,once it is produced in large quantities and now a Common Product, ceases to be a Unique Product.
Common products may be unique to a single organization but common or may be common across the business’s industry and produced in high quantity and can be easily found on the shelf in sales outlets .

Why are unique products precious and treasured?


Unique products are scarce and rarely seen because only few copies of a unique product are crafted by hand.

Many businesses produce common products but only few businesses and creators dedicate themselves to producing and marketing unique products. The scarcity or rarity of their existence makes them to be respected and treasured.

Store of Value

Since they are rare, you can buy unique products as asset to be kept for resale at a higher price later.

Over time, their uniqueness make them  products of interest to even collectors of rare arts for sale at auctions.

Collectors of unique products value them a lot and typically willing to part with a fortune to buy them as store of value that further appreciate in value in the future.

Memory of celebrated milestones

Achievement of milestones are celebrated by many of us but some people consider particular milestones far bigger deals that they seek out unique products to buy in order to celebrate the milestone and preserve the memory.

A study confirmed that consumers are more likely to select unique products when they believe that their success came as a result of  internal character traits unique to them rather than hard work.

Smaller version of treasured possessions

Some Unique Products are hand crafted smaller version of treasured possessions like cars, tools, trophies, weapons etc.

Some companies buy them for display in their lobbies to advertise their attachment to the actual treasured possessions.  Some rare and special possessions are too big to be placed in museums so unique hand crafted smaller versions are ordered for display in the museum for visitors to see.

Unique Selling Point.

What could be better a differentiator of your retail business from competitors than selling products that no one else is selling? The unique products you sell should be the kind that people want to buy.

How do you make unique products?

Creators of unique products have special skills, training and tools they use to handcraft few copies of unique products and sell directly on their website or through merchants or ecommerce websites.

Some creators get orders from clients who request special handcrafted items they only can own and not available anywhere else.

What makes a unique product unique?

It is handcrafted by an expert unique product creator and it works.

Few copies of same items are available globally.

Not a common product.

They are sold globally because most sellers of unique products typically make the unique products they sell themselves and sell them on various online websites that promote sale of unique products. 

So you usually won’t find unique products on sale in your regular ecommerce website.

What are the benefits of selling unique products

When you sell unique products , this can provide your ecommerce website or brick and mortar shop with substantial differentiation from competitors and probably give you enough benefits and profit to sustain your long-term competitive advantage.

As a seller, you are the first to detect unique products with relentless demand and such kind of scarcity gives more room to make more profit from its sale.

So you can track such unique products and get many copies handcrafted or you mass produce the product to fill that gap in the market.

There are some products that started as unique products but now common products after the surge in demand for them.

For example, the vuvuzela started out as handcrafted item but now a common product.

You can develop an E-Commerce Business that has an exclusive licensing arrangement with the creators of the unique products and you can create a whole lot of merchandise around each of the unique product or theme expressed by each of them .

For example, you can create coins or pendants or jewellery embossed with the 2D image of the unique product and sell along orders.

What are the disadvantages of selling unique products

There is a risk that some unique products can be counterfeited leaving you with disappointed customers.

It is a niche business unlike retail of generic and branded products that are typically mass-produced.

You may run into difficult in your supply chain as unique products are not mass-produced so a customer may change his or her mind once the desired unique product is not available at the point of the purchase.

Scaling to mass produce fast moving unique products is a wholly different business trajectory and may require new investment funding.

Where can I buy unique products?

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