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What is bean flour?

Bean flour is the flour produced from finely ground dried whole beans while retaining the high protein and fiber in the beans. 

Beans flour is naturally gluten free and often utilized in gluten free recipes, although some folks do not like the flavor that this flour impart.

What are the benefits of using bean flour?

Bean flour incorporates a good quantity of magnesium and phosphorus and is additionally a good supply of your vitamins and minerals – iron, B1, copper and manganese as a result,makes it high in dietary fiber and high quality protein. 

Is black bean flour healthy?

Black beans are low in sodium, low in fat and a great supply  of protein yet high in dietary fiber and a good supply of iron, magnesium and phosphorus, this nutritious flour has a rich, earthy flavor.

Can you make flour out of beans?

Making bean flour is a good way to making use of dry beans that are gathering dust in your storeroom for a while.

The method is very straightforward and needs only a grinder or a good blender. Soak the beans for a few minutes before spreading them on a baking sheet and making it to dry in the oven.

Can you grind black beans?

You can grind black beans, Roast your beans for twenty minutes for a nuttier flavor and to make grinding less challenging.

You can also use a nut grinder in stead of a blender.

What is black bean flour made of?

Black bean flour can be formed  through grinding up black beans into a fine powder which implies that it’s also gluten free and contains more protein and fibre in comparism with the all-purpose flour.

What can beans flour be processed into?

There are so many intercontinental and Nigerian cuisines that can be prepared from beans flour.

They include puffed snacks, bean cakes etc.

What Nigerian meals can you prepare with beans flour?

You can prepare the following Nigerian meals with bean flour;

Akara (bean cakes)



What is the nutritional value of Bean Flour?

According to the nutritionix , nutritional information on 92 gram of Bean Flour is as stated in the table below.

What are the best brands of Bean Flour?

These are the best brands of Beans Flour in Nigeria

Deluxe Beans Flour,

JDP Global Foods Beans Flour,

Ayoola Beans Flour,

Afro Beans Flour,

Eat Right Beans Flour,

Nu’Eden Beans Flour,

Queens Beans Flour,

Nigeria Taste Bean Flour,

Folex Foods Natural Beans Flour,

Mimi Beans Flour.

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