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Becoming a senior data analyst using EXCEL

What are those things one will learn?

📍 You will learn over 50 powerful advanced Functions in Excel such as Indirect, Len, Code, Dept, Address, Index-Match, Xlookup to mention but a few;

📍 the ways of approaching problems through some Right analytical technique

📍 The approach to analyze and synthesize insights from data like an expert

📍 the methods of utilizing the power query in connecting to multiple data sources,  

📍 Utilization of power pivot in creatinh data models and relationships

📍 Summarization of data and creation of compelling and interactive dashboard using pivot charts and tables.

How long will it take one to become a data analyst using EXCEL?

It will take just 3weeks to achieve the goal of becoming a data analyst with the aid of Microsoft EXCEL.

Is this program all it takes to be a professional data analyst?

No, we have advanced classes.

The Advanced Analytics with Excel Program will take your Excel skills to anotherlevel higher than the previous.

It will help you understand your current Excel skills and upskill you with more advanced Excel functions and other advanced tools in Microsoft Excel.

What is the benefit of this program?

This program will not only teach you on things to know but will also help you to practicalize the skills gained by working on a total of 4 case studies during the course of the program.

One will be able to learn on the application of data and how it can be of help in solvinh problems faster and accurately which results to a smarter and more efficient decision-making.

When will the program be coming up?

There will be a Masterclass on Sunday, 18 April 2021 at 5PM(Nigerian Time) to show you on how to get started with EXCEL as a data analyst.

Will certificate be given to participants?

An Industry-recognized Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants

Are there some Special benefits one can gain?

Yes, there will be a lifetime access to the data analyst program and also a one-to-one mentorship or support from and expert in the industry.

How do I do to be a part of this program?