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What is elbow Macaroni?

Elbow macaroni is dry alimentary pasta shaped like narrow tubes which is created with durum wheat. Elbow macaroni is often in short lengths; curved macaroni may be known as elbow macaroni.

Elbow macaroni is often made commercially by large-scale extrusion. 

Why is it known as elbow macaroni?

Elbow macaroni is known as elbow macaroni because of its elbow-shaped pasta.

However, the merchandise including the name derive from the traditional Greek “Macaria”. The popular views on the origin of the word supports the view that the word is originally from a Greek word μακαρία (makaria), which means a type of barley broth that is a meal served as part of rites for the dead.

What does elbow macaroni look like?

Elbow macaroni is among the most known tube pasta shapes with its short length,and semicircular shape. 

Are elbow macaroni of different sizes?

It is apparent that not all elbow macaroni are equal in sizes. Once it is cooked, the macaroni ranges in length from roughly 0.5 inches to nearly a full inch long because these size variations affect how easy the tubes were to be eaten, both plain and in macaroni and cheese.

How much water should I add to cook elbow macaroni?

Boil a quantity of water to roll then add some salt to taste. Add the elbow macaroni to boiling water and stir gently. Boil until it becomes “al dente” pasta, boil without covering with a lid, and stir occasionally for about 7 minutes. Remove from heat. You can serve immediately and enjoy it with your favorite sauce.

How long do I cook elbow macaroni?

It is approximately 10 minutes depending on the quantity.During cooking, stir the pasta occasionally and cook the elbow macaroni long enough to make it al dente. This should take about 7 minutes. If you like it to be a softer pasta, cook the pasta for another 1-3 more minutes. Drain the water from the pasta in a sieve and serve al dente.

What do you serve elbow macaroni with?

Elbow macaroni pairs well with practically any type of sauce, baked recipes, soups, salads or stir-fry dishes.

What is the nutritional value of Elbow Macaroni?

According to the USDA, nutritional information on 100 gram of Elbow Macaroni is as stated in the table below

What are the best brands of Elbow Macaroni ?

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