Butter Tops Caramel Sweets

What is a Caramel Butter Sweet?

Caramel Butter sweets, called Toffee or “caramel candy” are soft, dense but chewy sweets made by boiling a mixture of milk or cream, sugar(s), glucose, butter, fill in small moulds and cooled before wrapped up and sold commercially as caramel butter sweets.

What does butter do in caramel?

Butter is an essential ingredient in the formulation of caramel butter sweets. It is used for flavor and candy texture control. Fat, as it melts in the mouth when you place sweet in your mouth, improves mouth feel while serving as a lubricant.

Fats used in caramel manufacture has melting points that range from 24 to 43 °C so they can melt sharply that they fully melt at body temperature.

During sweet production, the added fat help to reduce stickiness and cold

Fats may also contribute to the prevention or control
of sucrose and lactose crystallization in caramels.

What type of fat is used in Caramel Butter?

Milk fat is generally considered a superior fat source for caramel
making but other fat sources such as coconut, palm or palm kernel oil have been used in largescale commercial manufacture of caramel butter sweets due to cost and stability advantages of these other fat sources.

Many of the fats that are used in caramels are regarded as “hard fats” because their  solid fat content (SFC) is higher than 50 % at room temperature.

Concentration of fat in Caramel Butter?

Fat concentration in caramels usually range from 5 to 15 % in the finished sweet. Most commercial butter caramel available have between 8 to 10% fat content.

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