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What is Cashew nut?

Cashew nut is a seed made of a kernel in a shell that’s harvested from the cashew apple, the fruit of cashew trees.

The cashew nut is actually not a nut and unlike many other nuts and seeds, the cashew seeds(nut) does not grow inside the fruit but outside the fruit, as a kidney-shaped drupe suspended at the base of a single fleshy and juicy cashew apple fruit.

What are the adverse effects of cashew nuts?

Cashew nuts has fat, but mostly, they’re unsaturated fats, which are good for health when taken in moderate quantities.

It is a fact that raw cashew nuts are not safe to eat, as they have a substance known as urushiol, found in poison ivy. Urushiol is toxic, and if gotten in contact with by some people can trigger a skin reaction.

Does cashew nuts affect sperm count?

It’s have been proceed that eating nuts can boost sperm count by almost 20 per cent, sperm vitality nearly five per cent, sperm motility by six per cent, and morphology by one percent.

What is the effect of cashew nuts on your skin?

It’s known that it is rich in magnesium, zinc, iron and phosphorous, Cashew nuts have a lot of proteins and antioxidants including selenium which is excellent for your skin.

Consuming cashew nuts just as using cashew oil on your scalp helps the skin and hair to produce the pigment melanin.

It provides the hair with smooth texture.

Do cashew nuts yields acne?

Just 1-ounce serving of cashew nuts produces a good source of zinc.

A researcher once found that lower blood levels of zinc were related with more severe acne, probably because zinc may have anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.

Is cashew not good for skin?

Everyone desire healthy, smooth, and wrinkle-free skin. To achieve that, cashew nuts can be of great help.

Cashews are the powerhouse of zinc, magnesium, selenium, iron, and phosphorus. These nuts are also a good source of proteins and vitamins which improves the skin’s complexion and prevents wrinkle.

How many cashews should be eaten daily?

The fat found in cashew nuts ensures growth of good cholesterol and reduces bad cholesterol.

Cashew provides a lot of energy and also makes you satiated for a long time.

However, you can take 3-4 cashew nuts daily for proper weight management.

Can cashews make you gain weight?

The answer is relative and deals with preference. It may be yes, we should eat them, and no, they won’t make us gain weight if consumed moderately.

The fats present in nuts(which are unsaturated fats) are always the healthy fats. And aside from that, most times, our bodies do not actually absorb every of the fat which are present in nuts. But we do take in the nutrients they provide.

What happens if we consume cashew everyday?

Cashews are rich in nutrients and beneficial plant compounds and can be an easy addition to many dishes.

As it is in most nuts, cashews may also help make better your overall health.

Do cashew nuts help you to sleep?

Yes, generally for nuts. Nuts which include, walnuts, pistachios, and cashews are usually considered to be an excellent food for a good sleep.

Though the exact amounts varies, nuts contain melatonin as well as necessary minerals like magnesium10 and zinc11 that are important to a range of bodily processes.

Why are cashew nuts not good for you?

Cashew is generally good for you. Compared to other nuts, its oxalate(antinutrient found in most nuts) content is lower.

However, if eaten in large quantity when you suffer from kidney stones caused by retention of calcium oxalate in the kidney, cashew nuts can worsen the poor state of your kidney.

A study reported the account of a  dietitian who discovered that a patient suffering from kidney disease eats a can (275 g per can) of cashews every two days (about 100–150 g per day or about 1 kg of cashews per week) for their “laxative effect,” for one month before a visit to the nephrogist.

As a result, he had his kidney stones increased significantly and after treatment (which include stopping cashew nut consumption) , although the patient’s kidney function continued to improve, she was left with residual chronic kidney disease 8 months after stopping the consumption of cashew nuts.

So, as tasty and delicious cashew nuts are, eat cashew nuts in moderation

What is the nutritional value of Cashew nuts?

According to the USDA, nutritional information on 100g of Cashew nuts is as stated in the table below

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