Kattstro For Odourless & Dry Cat Litter

What is kattstro?

Kattstro is a Super-Premium clumping white cat litter made from white Turkish bentonite.

Kattströ is 100% natural, contains max 1% dust, trail free up to 99%, well- packaged with convenient box handles.

Cat litter boxes should always be kept apart from all cat foods including Tesco Felix cat food, asda gourmet cat food etc. to avoid contamination of the cat food especially after cats cover up after themselves.

What is kattstro produced from?

This clumping cat litter Kattströ is made from natural sodium bentonite, a mineral mined from its natural deposit and transformed into high-quality cat litter by using environmentally friendly technology.

It is processed through heat treatment which makes this product highly hygienic.

How to use kattstro?

Measure out 7 cm of cat litter and fill the litter box with it.

Remove the clumps and solid wastes daily or as necessary. Always refill to 7 cm.

What are the benefits of kattstro?

Environmentally friendly, 100% natural. Dust-free, with no added fragrances.

It is a clumping cat litter with excellent absorbency. It prevents odours and keeps the litter box dry.

It is economical when used tp fill your cat liiter.

It is produced from natural white Bentonite clay of the finest quality.

Does kattstro absorb liquid well?

It has high liquid absorption capacity as well as strong and long-lasting odour control capacity.

Economical usage due to very high absorption capacity (Absorption capacity 350-380%) with moisture max of 10%.

Does kattstro enhance odour?

Long-lasting with very efficient natural odour control power and yet no perfume was added.

How well does it clump?

Excellent clumping performance with well-shaped and strong clumps.

Does it stick on cat’s paws?

Does not stick on cat’s paws thanks to its high plasticity and montmorillonite.

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This premium brand of cat litter comes with free sample.