Chocolate Nibbles-awesome chocolatey treats!Great Deals  

What are chocolate nibbles?

Chocolate Nibbles-awesome chocolatey treats!

Choc Nibbles is a palatable and delicious range of chocolatey treats enjoyed by both adults and children. It is made from chocolate and other high quality branded ingredients.

Chocolate nibbles can be made at home or bought as branded chocolate nibbles  sold across the globe.

Example of branded of chocolate nibbles is Choc nibbles and they come in different variants like orange, minty etc which can be in packs or fruit jars.

How much grams do we have in a bag of choc nibbles?

A cuboid shape package of choc nibbles has a dimension of 24.4cm by  17.2cm  by 2.8 cm and weights 559.99 grams with choc nibbles in it.

However, units of the choc nibbles weighs 500 grams.

How many calories do we have in a chocolate nibble?

Below is the Chocolate Nibbles Calories and nutrition per serving (1 Serving=1 Serving/16g)

Calories 75

Protein 1

Carbohydrate 11.8

Fat 2.6

Fibre 0.3

Is chocolate nibbles gluten free?

Chocolate nibbles contain milk, soya, nuts, gluten (wheat & barley). Especially when served with real milk chocolate, caramel and dusted with icing sugar. 

What are known as chocolate nibs sweets?

For decades, Choc Nibs have been a real sweet shop classic.

The little nibs are gotten from real milk chocolate. When closely observed, it will be known that they are crunchy , chewy and chocolatey.

These retro sweets will always make you remember your youth days at corner shops.

What are the ingredients in chocolate nibbles?

The accuracy of the ingredients used in chocolate nibbles may change. It is recommended that you still need to read the product label for ingredients stated as present in the chocolate nibble by the manufacturer.

However, typically, chocolate nibbles contain the following ingredients:
25% Milk Chocolate made up of cocoa solids 25% ( minimum) and milk solids 14% (minimum).
Other ingredients include sugar, whole hheat flour ( fortified with minerals such as Calcium, Iron,and vitamins such as Niacin, Thiamine) , corn flour , modified wheat starch ,Cocoa Butter, Cocoa powder , full cream and skimmed milk powder.

The vegetable oils present in the recipe are  palm oil , rappeseed oil, coconut oil ,shea/margarine, sal , Illipe, mango kernel, kokum gurgi,  palm kernel oil , sunflower oil ,whey powder ( protein Milk), whole egg ,glucose syrup, icing sugar,  invert sugar syrup , sweetened condensed milk, Glucose-fructose syrup , whole oat flour, skimmed dried yoghurt powder, soya lecithin, e476, e471(emulsifier) , sunflower lecithin, salt, raisins.

The raising Agents are Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, flavourings, barley malt extract.

The acidity regulator used are , Calcium Lactate, Sodium Citrate while the acidifying agents are Citric Acid and Lactic Acid.

Other ingredients are desiccated coconut, Treacle, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, orange concentrate, Pectin (gelling agent), glycerol (Humectant) Paprika extract(colourant), Stabiliser: Invertase,walnuts, hazelnuts, raisins. 

How are home made chocolate nibbles made?

The ingredients needed for home made chocolate nibbles are crushed Graham cracker, sweetened condensed milk, margarine, cocoa powder and sprinkles(optional).

Recipe for homemade chocolate nibbles : 

Half cup of margarine/butter

Can of sweetened condensed milk 

Half cup of cocoa powder

One pack of crushed Graham cracker

One cup of sprinkles (optional)

Instructions to make homemade chocolate nibbles

Place non sticky frying pan on stove and heat to become hot. 

Drop one cup of margarine in the pan and stir until it completely melts.

Empty the whole content of a can of sweetened condensed into the molten butter and stir until the contents are completely mixed. 

Pour one cup of cocoa powder into the mixture and stir to mix well.

Finally ,add the pack of crushed cracker and stir frequently to ensure the whole mixture is well mixed to form a thick chocolatey paste.

Chocolate Nibbles-awesome chocolatey treats!

Remove pan from stove and leave fir half hour for the content of the pan to cool.

Take small piece at a time and roll into ball or about 3-5cm long cylindrical shape as thick as your smallest finger .

Arrange in a tray or place in sprinkles first before placing on the tray.

What are the best brands of chocolate nibbles?

Chocolate Nibbles-awesome chocolatey treats!

Hancocks Sweet Dreams Original Choc Nibbles ,

Cadbury Diary Milk Chocolate Caramel Nibbles,

McVitie’s Digestive Nibbles Dark Chocolate,

Nibble Chocolate Peru, 

Retro Sweets Mint Chocolate Nibbles .

Rococo Chocolate Nibbles .

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Chocolate Nibbles-awesome chocolatey treats!