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What is known as Coffee cup?

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Coffee Cup

Just from what it is called, a coffee cup is a vessel in which coffee and espresso-based drinks are served in. Coffee cups are traditionally made using glazed ceramic, made with or without a single handle in case the beverage is hot.

However, some coffee cups now come in disposable coffee cups may from light weight insulators such as paper , plastic or polystyrene white or coloured foam.

What is the standard size of a coffee cup?

Below is how much the size of a coffee cup is


Regular 12oz (340ml) Medium

Grande 16oz (454ml) Large

Short 8oz (227ml)Small

Tall 12oz (340ml) Medium

Why is coffee cup mostly 6 oz?

Typically, a cup of water which can also be used for making coffee is most times only 6 ounces.

To attain the right ratio of water to ground roasted coffee beans, you should make do with 6 fluid ounces of water to 1 tablespoon of ground coffee. 

Why do we make use of a coffee cup?

The coffee cup is needed to keep coffee warm, in addition to, it should also warm the hands of the drinker – doing this without burning it.

Also, we can make use of the inside of the cup for a surprise effect that is because people tend to take away the lid to see and perceive the aroma of the coffee

What shape does a coffee cup take?

Obviously, it takes the shape: Cylinder. No exceptions.

Can coffee cup be classified as an insulator or conductor?

As we know that metals are good conductors of heat, and china cup is an insulator. If coffee is served with a metal cup, it gets cold quickly as heat will get lost to surroundings in a short time, and also it will not be easy to hold the cup, since metal have very low specific heat and get heated up quickly.

How to choose the right coffee cup?

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Types of Espresso Coffee Showing Difference in Volumes

Coffee cups come in different sizes to retain the heat in the right volume of the coffee drink. It is important to choose the right coffee cup. Most milk-based beverages, including coffee with milk , are classified based on ratio of the milk to the drink. This by extension, determines the type of coffee cup to choose.

Right coffee cup for espresso macchiato.

Espresso macchiato,also known as Caffè macchiato( macchiato is Italian word for “stained” or “spotted” , so caffè macchiato literally translate to “stained” or “marked coffee.”)  , is an espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually with a creamy foam.

Espresso macchiato is typically served in 2-3 ounces coffee cup.

Right coffee cup for espresso macchiato.

Espresso Cappuccino literally means a type of coffee drink prepared with coffee and milk that has been frothed up with steam pressure.

However, for the meaning of ‘cappuccino’ ;  ‘cappuccino’ takes its name from the color of the robe worn by Capuchin friars; monks of the Franciscan orders founded in the 16th century in Italy
The volume size of an espresso cappuccino drink is approximately 150 ml (5 oz) beverage, made in ratio of espresso coffee 25 ml and 85ml of fresh milk which creates a froth from the pressurised steam to create the additional volume which makes the total volume of the drink approximately 150 ml.

For this reason, the choice of coffee cup for an espresso cappuccino is between 5 to 6 ounces.  

Right coffee cup for espresso latte.

Caffe latte is a coffee beverage drink made with  espresso coffee and steam-pressurized  milk. 

Caffè e latte, caffelatte or caffellatte,are Italian expressions which means “coffee and milk”. Oftentimes,  Caffè e latte is shortened to just ‘latte’ in English. 

The ratio of espresso coffee to hot milk tends to be 1 part espresso to 3 parts milk and about 1cm high to make up the 170 – 225 ml frothed latte.

Typically,  the right choice of coffee cup for a latte is 8-12 ounces sizes of coffee cup.

What are the best brands of coffee cup?

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