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What are cotton Buds?

Cotton swabs, sometimes known as the cotton buds by the British, are handheld tools that has one or two little wads of cotton wrapped around one or each ends of about 7.6cm(3 inches) rod typically made of wood, plastic or rolled paper.

They are most commonly used for cleaning of the ear, although the use of the cotton buds is not promoted by physicians.

What does cotton bud mean?

A cotton bud is a little stick with a ball of cotton wool at each end, that individual use for removing dirts in the ear. 

Why is it unhealthy to use cotton buds?

Using a cotton bud like a plunger in the external auditory canalpushes earwax deeper and deeper in.

One issue is that if the wax is pushed deeper inside, there’s no way for the wax to get swept out of the ear.

Cotton buds can puncture ear drums and affect hearing function if improperly used.

Are cotton buds good?

Most people who use cotton buds apply it to clean dirts from their ears by gently inserting the clean soft wooly end at a time into the opening of the auditory canal of the ear .

The rationale behind this is often to clear cerumeb from the external auditory canal but, while it’s good to clean the outside of your ear with a cotton swab, it’s best to avoid breaking them inside your ear.

How do you clean your ears without cotton wabs?

You can clean your ears using any of the following ;
-the finger and tissue method, 
-application  hydrogen peroxide, 
-the use of olive oil, 
-earwax drops, 
-the application of special tools, 
-routine clean up on visit to the doctor.

How can one take away deep ear wax?

If your tympanum doesn’t have a tube or have a hole in it, these self-care measures may assist you take away excess earwax that’s interfering your external auditory canal.

To soften the wax, make use of an eyedropper to apply a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil, glycerin or hydrogen peroxide diluted with water for cleaning your external auditory canal.

Is using cotton buds bad for your ears?

Chewing, including various jaw movements, and skin growing inside your ear can push old cerumen out naturally.

Inserting the cotton bud carelessly can push the wax deeper into your external auditory canal.

Also, you can cause harm to the sensitive part of your external auditory canal skin or your eardrum if you clean too frequently with force.

Is it safe to use cotton buds inside your babies ears?

Putting any object inside your baby’s ears without the guidance or instruction by your health care professional is not recommended.

However, it you need to clean the pinna, the external part of the ear and the back part of the ear including the ear lobes.

You can use cotton bud as well as a cotton ball or a piece of freah, soft wash cloth moistened with little warm water then gently rub all the external part of the ear. 

Discard and replace each used cotton bud as soon as you have used both ends.

Do not use a single cotton bud on both ears and ensure that you don’t insert the cotton buds into the auditory canal of your baby’s ears.

Is the ear wax in my baby’s ears healthy?

The ear wax in your baby’s ears is a healthy requirement in the ears because the wax help to lubricate the ears and with its antibacterial effect, it offers protection to the ears.

To remove this ear wax is unnecessary as its absence can lead to ear infections which can harm the ears.

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