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What are floor wipes?

Floor wipes are products created generally for cleaning of surfaces by taking grease and dirt away from the surfaces.

Floor wipes are products which facilitates keeping of clean and hygienic surface. 

Floor wipes enhance tough cleaning action on hard surfaces to remove grease and dirt and leave a sparkling shine and a fresh fragrance.

Floor wipes are multipurpose and you can use them on a range of hard surfaces at your home and offices.

What are floor wipes suitable for?

Floor wipes are suitable  to be used on bench tops, ceramic tiles, glazed tiles, slate tiles, sealed timber  or wooden floors, cupboards, linoleum, vinyl & sealed laminated floors, sealed cork, toilets and toilet seat, sinks and basins and many more.

How to use the floor wipes?

You can apply the floor wipes using the following procedures:Carefully remove the  resealable sticker.

Take the floor wipe from the pack and reseal the pack with the resealable sticker.

Apply the floor wipe on the surface and manually scrub the floor or it  can be attached to your floor mop/sweeper and then allow the surface to air dry naturally.

Is floor wipes good for the floor?

Floor wipes are a convenient solution to cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising all hard household floors in one simple process.

Is there refillable floor wipes?

Some floor wipes products are  refillable floor wipes. That is refillable floor wipes is available in some products.

What is the advantage of using the floor wipes?

Floor wipes are most hygienic than the regular mops and some floor wipes are saturated with powerful cleansing agents that will help keep your home protected.

How often should one use the floor wipes?

Floor can be used regularly to remove dust, dirt, grime & kill 99.9% of household germs.

What are the best brands of floor wipes?

Flash floor wipes,

ASDA Floor Wipes,

Duzzit Floor Wipes,

CIF Multipurpose Cleaning Wipes,

Dettol Antibacterial Floor Wipes,

Tesco Antibacterial Floor Wipes,

Seventh Generation Disinfecting wipes.

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