Crispy and tasty Cream Biscuits

What is Cream Biscuit?

A cream biscuit is a type of biscuit made from original ingredients that include flavoured cream and sugar as sweetener. 

What are the Types of cream biscuits

There are different brands of cream biscuits and they usually come in fancy names. However, they fall into the following categories:

1. Cream filled biscuits.
They are usually produced as two biscuits with cream filling.

2.Chocolate cream Biscuit.

This type of biscuit is popularly known as The Bourbon biscuit. 
A blend of chocolate and cream or just cream along is placed in between two thin chocolate biscuits.

For most Bourbon biscuits,first introduced in 1910 by the biscuit company Peek Freans,United kingdom ,the chocolate biscuits are rectangular in shape with the creamy chocolate filling.

3. Nutty Cream cheese biscuits.

This type of cream biscuits contain cream coated nuts mixed  with cheese and other ingredients and then baked. You actually see and taste the nuts in the biscuits. For most, the type of nuts present is stated on the wraps or containers of the biscuit. Examples of nuts used in nutty cream biscuits are hazelnuts, almonds etc.

4. Ginger cream biscuits.

They are special because of the addition of ginger and other ingredients used in the dough before the biscuits are baked and filled with cream.

Are Cream Biscuits good for health?

If you’re struggling with your weight loss plan and diabetes, you need to be wary of large calories content due to the high carbohydrate present in cream biscuits,which can be as much as 900kilojoules for two cream-filled biscuits.

What are the ingredients of cream biscuits?

Cream biscuits contain all-purpose flour, baking powder, kosher salt, granulated sugar and heavy cream.

The major ingredients provide a large amount of calories.

What are the things to look for before you choose Cream Biscuit?


Choose cream biscuit that is moderately sweet and to crispy . However, some cream biscuits are chewy, soft,tender to touch but don’t easily crumble.

Nutritional value : 

On the label you will read the nutritional information . For example, too much calories due to high sugar content makes such chocolate biscuits less beneficial to those struggling with diabetes and obesity.
Even though vegetable oils and hydrogenated vegetable oils are added to most biscuits to aid taste and give them firm state, the saturated forms of these fats over time becomes a health concern.

Screen for artificial additives and allergens

The presence of synthetic or artificial flavours or colourants can raise health concerns while you need to pay extra care when reading through the contents to avoid cream biscuits with nuts if you are sensitive to nuts.

What are examples of Cream biscuits  brands?

Terko cream Biscuit

Orange classic cream biscuits

Oreos cream filled biscuit.

How To Get Chocolate Biscuits For Free?

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