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What is coding?

Coding is the practice of using a computer programming language to give instruction to a computer to do certain tasks and how you want the computer to carry out the task.

How does coding work?

First you need to learn how to write the code then you write by hand or type on a document a line after line of programming codes to instruct the computer to carry out specific instructions which leads to the completion of tasks.
This can be as simple as type in specific letters in specific order and case forms in order to gain access to a file.

What is coding used for?

Programmers use coding to write computer software programs that give instructions to computers. These programs can be mobile applications, websites, antivirus and other software technologies even games like super free slot games, bingo no deposit free £10 , 20 free spins no deposit etc.

Is coding easy to learn?

Yes. However, as a starter, it requires the discipline to learn then afterwards  requires time, attention to details and persistence until you become great at it.

Can a child learn coding?

Yes, a child can learn coding .It is now a basic skill for children to learn how to interact with technology around them, right from their young age.

At the  foundation level of coding, there are contents or programs designed to capture and engage their interest in order for them to make input that allow them use these contents to write and develop their own codes.

So coding at the children level is a combination of learning, work and fun which ultimately improves their coding capabilities. Some children learn so fast that they quickly advance to professional certification levels.

Do I need to be good at math to code?

No. Coding is a programming language and outside your usual mathematics calculations. So strong maths background will help but coding does not rest squarely on mathematics.

Where to find coding for girls

There are a few websites dedicated to giving coding lessons to girls.

Studies have shown that around age 12, girls and boys share a similar level of interest in computer science but divergence is seen as they grow up making us have more men than women in the computer tech industry.

The need to “catch them young” from the young age has made more websites and training programs encourage more girls to learn and practice coding.

Why aren’t more girls coding?

Fewer girls are encouraged to go into coding.

The default mental picture of a coding programmer is masculine which misleads girls to think coding is for boys only.

Compared to boys, girls have fewer female role models in the techie industry. So most girls who embrace coding have fewer successful female mentors to look up to.

There is the fear of sexism as the sector is dominated by males. For example, as at 2014, the percentage of male employees in Google was 70% while 79% of Google’s leadership were men.

How do I get a girl interested in programming?

Here are methods to get your daughter interested in coding.

At age 3, buy them safe toys that run on computer codes.

At age 4, get them to watch child TV programs that promote the use of computer and have rhymes and songs around computer themes.

At age 5,introduce them to coding where they use fun programs and apps to learn and apply their knowledge of letters and numbers in giving instructions to computers.

At age 6 to 10, get them into girl coding programs

Over 11, get them female mentors and allow them work on projects and products.

Subsequently, find more opportunities for them to network with other girls, exchange ideas and develop new interesting ways were their knowledge of application can be applied to solving real life problems.

Free Coding Programs For Kids

Regardless of the gender, boys and girls have the opportunity to learn coding for free on the following platforms:

Free Code Camp




Khan Academy

The Odin Project

Code Monster


Swift playground

How do I get into coding without experience?

Nothing including lack of experience stops you once you decide to start learning about coding now.
Just read up online about the basic terminologies,

Decide on the programming language you want to learn

Find online and offline resources that will take you through the learning exercise

Practice your coding skills and find a mentor to assess your work and guide you through

Volunteer or offer your coding services for free to people in your circles and when clients are happy with your work, ask them for referrals.

As you get better, enrol for certification programmes and register on freelance platforms offering your services.

How To Get a Free Coding Program For Girls

Thousands of girls and families are learning about computer algorithms and how to code. They acquire this coding skills and use it to improve themselves and help the society.
You too can be part of it too. It is free!!!