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What is a Vegan Mayonnaise?

Vegan Mayonnaise is any brand of mayonnaise which does not contain eggs or any diary or diary product. It is appropriate for a vegan diet.

What’s vegan mayonnaise made of?

Vegan mayonnaise is made of lemon juice, soya milk, bit of salt as well as oil, which is what is being mixed together to result in that thick and creamy mayonnaise texture.

What makes the best vegan mayonnaise?

The best vegan mayonnaise must have the following properties;

It must be egg-free and diary-free,
It must taste fresh,
It must be rich in nutrients with fairly thick creamy consistency,
It must be flavoured to give great taste and not bland to taste.

What distinguishes vegan mayonnaise from regular mayonnaise?

The ingredients found in vegan mayonnaise is almost the same to that on a jar of traditional mayonnaise, and it incorporates oil, vinegar, and lemon juice.

The major distinction between vegan mayonnaise and traditional mayonnaise really boils down to the egg substitute.

What is contained in vegan mayonnaise?

Some of the things found in vegan mayonnaise are Rapeseed oil, water, spirit vinegar, sugar, salt, modified starch, natural flavouring (contains Dijon mustard ), lemon juice concentrate, antioxidant (calcium disodium EDTA), colour (paprika extract).

How to make home-made vegan mayonnaise?

Measure out the Vegan Mayo ingredients below.

7 ounces of silken or soft organic tofu or aquafaba,

One-quarter cup of liquid from canned chicken peas,

Half cup of olive/sunflower oil,

One tbs of organic lemon juice to give the tangy taste, 

One tsp of Apple cider vinegar,

One-quarter tsp of Dijon mustard,

Half tsp of cane salt to tone the tangy taste of the lemon juice and dijon mustard, 

Half tsp sea salt to bring out all the flavours and give taste.

Instructions to make homemade vegan mayonnaise

Add the measured ingredients together, without the oil, in a blender and blend for about 1 minute until you have a thick cream with homogenous and smooth consistency.

Open the lid of the blender and add the oil to the cream and blend for another 1 minute to have a light fresh cream. Take small pea-size amount from the blender and taste.

You can add some more salt if it still tastes bland or if the flavours are yet to pop out.

Transfer into an airtight container and store in the fridge.

Home made vegan mayo can last up to 1 week.

How long does vegan mayo last once opened?

Vegan mayonnaise can last for just about 6 months of opening and it will be fine as long as it is stored in a well closed jar  in the refrigerator.

Is Vegan Mayonnaise healthy?

Apart from vegan mayonnaise tasting great, vegan mayonnaise is almost always a healthier option. 

Does vegan mayonnaise taste good?

Vegan mayonnaise’s texture is a very smooth and airy, and surprising, tastes better than the regular mayonnaise.

Also, vegan mayonnaise contains less saturated fat and cholesterol than the regular mayonnaise.

How to eat your Vegan Mayo?

There are so many ways to enjoy your Vegan Mayo.

You can spread on a burger or sandwich,

use as dressing for your sallad, or

even as dipping sauce for fried chips.

Above all, you can use your vegan mayonnaise in place of regular mayonnaise.

What’s the nutritional information on Vegan Mayonnaise?

According to nutritionix , the nutritional value of 14 grams (one serving) of vegan mayonnaise is as stated in the chart below

What are the best brands of Vegan Mayonnaise?

Hellmann’s Vegan Mayo,

Best Foods Vegan Dressing & Spread Mayo,

Chosen Foods Vegan Mayo,

Just Mayo Egg-free Mayonnaise,


Sir Kensington’s Classic Vegan Mayo.

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