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What is laundry cleanser?

Laundry cleanser is an additive that kills microorganisms, making your laundry clean hygienically.

Use the laundry cleanser with your washing routine and see the what you have been missing when you don’t user a laundry cleanser.

What does laundry cleanser do?

Laundry Cleanser is an additive that kills even below 20ºC so that you can be confident that your laundry is hygienically clean every time.

Is laundry cleanser the same as laundry detergent?

Laundry Cleanser can be added to regular detergent and it claims to kill bacteria even at low temperatures.

The laundry cleanser doesn’t discolour clothes like bleach or damage fabrics of clothes like soap laundry detergents.

For these advantages , the laundry cleanser can therefore be used for the most delicate items and fabrics.

How do you use laundry cleanser?

Mix water with laundry cleanser and soak for some minutes so as to kill the germ. Afterwards wash in the washing machine or by hand.

Is laundry cleanser any good?

Laundry Cleanser is perfect for your laundry and smells so fresh which stays long on clothes for a while even after washing and rinsing.

Does laundry cleanser kill fungus?

Most laundry cleanser are antibacterial but not anti-fungal. One can use a product called Halo, it is laundry liquid which is both anti bacterial and anti fungal.

What are the ingredients used for laundry cleanser?

Disinfectant, quaternary ammonium compounds, Non-ionic surfectants, Butylphenyl, chlorides, Citronellol, Methylpropional, parfums and lots more.

What happens when laundry cleanser splashes in the eye?

Laundry Cleanser will cause a serious eye damage. Cautiously rinse with generous amount of water for several minutes.

If you have a contact lens on your eyes, you need to emove contact lenses then with the rinse.

What are the best brands of Laundry Cleanser?

Dettol Laundry Cleanser,

Astonish Protect+ Care Laundry Cleanser,

Aerial Concentrated laundry cleanser, 

WYX Laundry Cleanser,

Wizz Laundry Cleanser,

Tesco Laundry Cleanser,

Sainsbury’s Laundry Cleanser,

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