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What is Cologne?

Cologne is a generic term for perfume formulations prepared in concentration range of slightly more or between  2–4% essence , depending on the essential oil(s) or the mixed blend of extracts, alcohol, and water used in its formulation.

In contemporary US , cologne is more commonly used as a term that refers to  male perfumes.

Where was cologne originated from?

Eau de Cologne, or simply called cologne, is a perfume that is originally  from the present day Cologne, a very popular tourist city in Germany, founded in 1AD . 

Is there a distinction between cologne and perfume?

The reality is that the distinction lies within the concentration of essential oils in the fragrance’s water and alcohol base. Perfumes incorporate more concentration of oils, while the oil concentration in cologne is very low.The real distinction between a perfume and a cologne is basically how the fragrances are formulated and the concentration of quantity of oils in the fragrance.

What is cologne used for?

Cologne (eau de cologne) is the oldest term for fragrance, utilized in North America for masculine scents. A cologne is a light, fresh and fruity, usually composed of 2 to 4% perfume oils in alcohol and water. Cologne tend to be used in fragrances for younger people which usually lasts for about two hours.

Is Cologne meant for just guys?

The reality is cologne isn’t essentially concocted to appeal to men, neither is it exclusively for men. The real distinction between perfume and cologne is merely how the fragrances are formulated, and the concentration or amount of oils in the fragrance so a man can wear a perfume just as much as a woman can wear a cologne. Therefore, it is not meant for only men.

Can a lady wear cologne?

One can wear any cologne or fragrance that you opt for just because of preference and choice of an individual. A lady can choose to wear a cologne that is exclusively for women. 

Am I to spray cologne on skin or clothes?

Spraying cologne on your cloth isn’t really a bad thing, but spraying it directly on your skin is better since this gives the fragrance the permission to mix with the oils on your body.

Should I wear cologne everyday?

A good cologne has a shelf life and can be worn everyday but it is recommended that you change the scent per time.

Is Cologne stronger than perfume?

Cologne incorporates a low concentration of fragrance essence, only about 2-4% of perfume essence and it is usually cheaper. Colognes come in bigger bottles since more liquid is required and thus the fragrance only lasts up to 2-3 hours. Perfume lasts for 3 times longer than cologne.

Where do you apply cologne?

Apply cologne to the warmest areas of your bodies which include the neck region, chest, shoulders, wrists, and inner elbows can project scent more efficiently, meaning that less fragrance is required.

Where does one apply cologne?

Men ought to ideally apply their cologne to the warmest parts of their bodies such as the neck, chest, shoulders, wrists, and inner elbows for efficiency, which implies that less fragrance is needed.

Does Cologne last longer on clothes or skin?

The more hydrated or oily your skin is, the longer cologne will last on your skin.

What are the best brands of Cologne?

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