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What is a Cigar Cologne?

Cigar Cologne is a scented formulation with slightly higher esence concentration of mixed blend of essential oils with or without tobacco essential oil.

The essential oils and other ingredients are measured and dissolved in water or premium grade alcohol  to give notes that blend well with tobacco smell, giving you fresh and lovely fragrance smell when sprayed on the body.

For smokers, the cologne when worn will neutralise the tobacco smoke smell and impose notes that stay longer to effectively mask the tobacco smoke odour. 

However,  there are some cigar cologne that actually contain the tobacco essential oil with other essential oils dissolved in water or alcohol base to create specially attractive fragrances that makes some brands of cigar cologne the favourite cologne of smokers and non smokers of both genders. 

What is Cigar?

Cigar is known to be a rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves which is made for smoking. Cigars are produced in several sizes and shapes. 

Are cigars safer than cigarettes?

Smoking cigar isn’t safer than smoking cigarettes even if you don’t inhale the smoke intentionally. Like cigarette smoking, cigar smoking exposes you to: phytotoxin.

Cigars, like cigarettes, incorporate phytotoxin, the substance that can result in tobacco dependence.

What distinguishes a cigar from a cigarette?

A cigar is defined as a rolled bundle of tobacco wrapped in leaf tobacco or in a substance that incorporates tobacco while cigarettes are a rolled bundle of tobacco wrapped in paper or in a substance that does not incorporate tobacco.

Do you get a buzz from cigars?

Cigars provide you with a “buzz” due to nicotine. Cigars are fabricated from tobacco, and tobacco incorporates nicotine, which is a drug with certain intoxicating effects that some people will describe as a “buzz.”

How dangerous are cigars?

Cigar smoking can increase the chances of cancers of the mouth and throat in smokers and non smokers who are regarded as secondary smokers , even if you do not inhale cigar smoke directly .

Smoking will lead to lung cancer and cardiovascular disease. The use  of tobacco increase the risk of physiological state imbalances , stillbirth, and low birth weight.

Cigars is not a safe alternative of Cigarettes and in most countries, sale of cigarettes and cigar to under-18 year olds and smoking in public places is not allowed .

Why do individuals smoke cigars?

One of the most glaring reasons people like to smoke a cigar is due to the taste, aroma, and pleasure the cigar provides.

It’s no different from craving for a steak or a big dish of pasta at your favorite restaurant.

Are cigars addictive? 

Yes. Even when the smoke is not inhaled, high levels of nicotine which is the chemical that results in addiction can still be absorbed into the body through other means.

A cigar smoker can get nicotine through two different routes: through inhalation into the lungs and through absorption through the lining of the mouth.

How does cigar taste like?

Cigar has some common flavours that you will pick when you smoke it such as fruity flavour, herbaceous flavour, floral flavour, earthy flavour, spicy flavour and nutty flavour.

These flavours can be tasted through the tongues ability to distinguish it.

Does your body & garment smell after smoking a cigar?

Yes it does. This is how it happens. Typically, the body takes up the smell of its surroundings and when you smoke cigar, the smoke from the burning cigar spreads out by diffusion away from the cigar into the air around you.

The air takes up the odour of the burning cigar and it soon dominates the air, afterwards, it reaches your garments and body directly in contact with the air containing the cigar smoke and absorbs the smell of the smoke from the cigar into your garment and body to make you smell like the cigar smoke.

How long does it take for cigar smoke smell to go away?

It could vary depending on the intensity of the smoking, number of cigar sticks you smoke, how aerated the smoking place is and how long your body and garment stayed in contact with the air polluted with cigar smoke odour.

With a good perfumed body wash, you can rid your body of the cigar smoke smell after a bath but removing the smell on garments may take longer to completely remove.

Even garment laundry may not completely remove the smell in just a single wash so it could take between 2-3 days for laundry chemicals to completely remove the cigar smoke odour, or reduce the odour  significantly less enough to make you wear your clothes without perceiving cigar smoke odour on your garments or body.

How do you get rid of cigar smell?

To effectively remove cigar smoke odour from your skin, you will need a bath with perfumed soap and change of clothes into well laundered wears. 

This may require you going home to freshen up  which is not usually possible during your time at work or break time at work, so you need to adopt other methods to remove the cigar smoke odour and save the bathing and change of clothes until later.

To remove the cigar smoke odors or residue on your hands, wash your hands with warm water and a perfumed handwash, then apply hand lotion.

In the absence of perfumed soap, use a mixture of baking soda and ordinary m soap to wash your hands thoroughly after smoking . Wash thoroughly the skin under your nails and between your fingers, especially if you are the one who smoked.

To particularly blend away tobacco smell from the cigar smoke odour on your garments and body, wear a cigar cologne on your body and smoke where there is good ventilation or air purifier is installed. 

What are Cigar Cologne notes?

Cigar Cologne notes are the different scents or fragrances that make up the essence of a cologne. They are also called fragrance notes.

Typically, the notes of a cigar cologne include :

Top notes which are the lightest of the fragrance notes and last for only few minutes (5-10 minutes) when it escapes with the volatile alcohol base .

The Middle notes are moderate and they are perceived in about 15 minutes after application. They can last up to an hour or even longer.

The base or bottom notes are the heaviest of the notes and they last for much longer time than the other two notes. base or bottom notes usually last for several hours.

Do some Cigar Colognes last much longer than others?

Yes. Formulation for each brand of  cigar cologne formulation may vary slightly in the ratio of their fragrance notes.

Secondly, the skin type plays a role in determining how long cigar cologne lasts.

People with dry skin who don’t apply a moisturiser on their skin usually find out that Cigar Cologne applied on their skin holds for a time shorter than how long cigar cologne will last on those with oily skin .

This is because oily skin retains  more natural moisture trapped in its oil which then help to hold in the fragrance.

Finally, apart from the nature of the skin, pH level of your skin matters too. The pH  is the value that represents the level of  acidity in our skin. 

This varies slightly from one individual to another but the pH levels affects the way ingredients in the cigar cologne reacts when present on the skin.

How can you make Cigar Cologne last longer?

Excellent skin health, hygiene and maintenance can help contribute in improving the ability of the skin to retain cigar cologne. For example, proper bathing of the body with perfumed soap  can help remove any trace of cigar smoke odour on the skin while well laundered and ironed garments will complement the fresh clean skin.

If you have a dry skin, apply a moisturiser on your skin before applying the cigar cologne. To enjoy the best and longest lasting fragrance from cigar cologne, try layering your Cigar Cologne by using the complete range of cigar range of beauty and health products which includes the Cigar bath gel, cigar shampoo, moisturizer, or powder first before applying your Cigar Cologne.

When you practice this hygiene and beauty regimen daily before you leave home, the cigar cologne  fragrance will have a remarkably longer lasting effect.

How do you apply cigar cologne?

Apply your cigar cologne low and close to the skin on your body allowing the scent to rise then apply  behind your ears, neck wrist and a final light spray on your hair to make it smell fresh all day.

What are the best brands of cigar cologne?

Nedens Cigar,

Cigar Cologne For Men By Remy Latour,

Cuba Cologne by Cuba For Men,

Lomani Men Cigar EDT,

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille.

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