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What is palm nut concentrated cream?

Palm Nut Cream Concentrate is a delicious African soup sauce extracted from palm nut fruit (Elaeis guineensis). 

What are palm nut concentrated cream used for?

Palm nut concentrated cream is used for preparing palm nut fruit soup which is also known as Bangs soup. It is a very popular soup in West Africa most especially in Ghana and Nigeria.

Is preparing palm nut concentrated soup stressful?

Preparing the palm nut concentrated soup from the beginning can be stressful because one would now have to go through the stress of pounding the palm nut fruit before it becomes paste. 

What is the benefit of the palm nut concentrated cream?

The palm nut concentrated cream is beneficial to ease stress of pounding palm nut fruit when making the palm nut concentrated soup. 
Palm nut concentrated cream are ready to prepare palm fruit extract  made from nutritious palm fruits and are mostly canned and ready-to-use form which makes soup preparation easy for consumers. 

Is the palm nut concentrated cream nutritious?

The palm nut concentrated cream is incredibly highly rich in nutritional value. Palm oil is very rich in antioxidants that help mop up free radicals that attack the body cells and make them age quickly. It is also rich in vitamins such as Vitamins A,E and K, along with minerals such as magnesium.

What makes up the palm nut concentrated cream?

The palm nut concentrated Cream is 100% natural and is extracted from palm fruit pulp and prepared with water and salt. The availability of the palm nut concentrated cream makes palm nut soup made very easy.

Where is the palm nut concentrated cream mostly found?

Palm Nut / Banga Soup is a very known soup in Ghana, Nigeria, and across West African countries which is often served with fufu.  You can get a sample of free Banga Soup to try for free here.

What is the nutritional value of Palmnut Cream Concentrate?

According to the worldopenfoodfacts, 100g of Palmnut Cream Concentrate contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below

What are the best brands of Palm Nut Concentrated Cream?

Bankwus  Palmnut Concentrate,

Banga Fresh Palm Fruit Extract, 

Ghana Fresh Palmnut Cream Concentrate,

Kotoko Brand Palmnut Cream Concentrate,

Liberian Fresh Palm Cream,

Neat Fresh Palm Fruit Extract,

Praise Palm Cream,

Ruker Cream Palm Fruit,

Trofai Palm Fruit Palmnut Cream Concentrate,

Tropisoup Palm Cream Soup.

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