Free Digital Fitness App Just For You!

What is Digital Fitness?

Digital Fitness is the quality of being able to use digital skills to identify problems then create and execute digital solutions for the problems by consistently trying new things and new ideas while collaborating with others daily and building strong online relationships.

Who is digitally fit?

According to the Pwc, “digitally fit individuals have the skills to create and implement digital solutions, a curious mindset that encourages experimenting with new things, collaborative daily behaviours and strong online relationships”.

What are the benefits of being digitally fit?

It equips you with the digital skill to detect and  explore digital trends.

It helps keep you current and more prepared to birth digital solutions to the opportunities the changing digital trends present.

ability to adapt to new ways of working and learning in a digital world

What is a Digital Fitness App?

The Digital Fitness App (DFA) is a machine learning mobile application which is designed to assess and improve your digital alertness, curiosity, knowledge and abilities while giving you regular information updates, digital trends and relevant resources on your well being.

What is the benefit of the Digital Fitness App?

There’s a $50 Gift for you when you complete a quiz.

With the DFA, you  can enjoy personalized content,choose a digital fitness plan and improve your digital fitness score over time.

You get the opportunity to study and practice your digital skills at your own pace in a way that suits your style. You can watch, listen, or read your way to digital fitness.

Using the DFA regularly will help boost your knowledge in topics that help shape behaviors, mindsets, relationships and skills.

For short, the Digital Fitness app empowers users of the app to stay relevant and step up their game in the digital world.

What are the disadvantages of the DFA?

Need to log in every time you open the app may de-motivate users.

The contact info is by email only and the FAQ can still be improved on.

When you complete quiz and don’t receive the $50 Gift, you may be disappointed but hey! There are enough freebies enough to keep you happy.

What are the features of the DFA

Sign up and get a notification to take and  complete an assessment made up of a series of questions that  take no longer than 15 minutes to finish.

On completion of the quiz, it is graded and you receive  ‘digital fitness score’, which you can then improve with as little as 20 minutes of digital fitness training per week.

The app offers you short articles and videos that have the right impact on your self esteem and personal motivation. There are new, helpful
content such as relevant business information,bite-size content across 60 digital topics,updated content from best-in-class digital content providers.

The DFA can be shared with family, friends and the broader community in the digital space.

What are the digital trends categories in DFA?

There are over 60 digital trend categories you can choose from..

Below is a few of the 60 subject areas covered in the DFA.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Cool things to know


Design thinking

Digital terms you should know


Internet of Things (IoT)


Social Media

Video gaming

Virtual reality

How To Get Digital Fitness App For Free

PwC is currently offering the Digital Fitness App free to people across the world till 30 June 2021.

You can visit Apple Appstore or Google play to download and use the invite code “LRNALL” to get started.