Free Optometrist Consultation For You

What is Consultation with an optometrist?

This is the examination of  your eyes and related structures by an Optometrist to assess for any vision problems, signs of eye disease or other abnormalities.

In this post, you have an opportunity to get a free consultation with an Optometrist. The benefit of a free eye shadow sample is enhanced when you receive free consultation from an Optometrist to go with the free eye shadow sample.

What can Optometrists diagnose?

The Optometrist is qualified to:

assess your eyes for a vision disorder such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism or presbyopia .

measure your eye movement and coordination to pick up unusual patterns.

diagnose eye disorders and diseases (such as cataract and glaucoma)

identify health disorders involving the eyes (such as diabetes and thyroid problems)

prescribe, fit and supply glasses and contact lenses.

When should I visit an Optometrist?

For health education on eye care, for your regular eye care, such as a yearly eye exam, for explanation to you about your options, when you need prescription for the best combination of glasses products to satisfy your vision and lifestyle requirements.

Refilling eyeglass, contact lens, or eye medication prescription and other services available at an Optician’s office like Boots Opticians Worcester Park. You can get some freebies during your visit to Tesco to get classes if you participate in the Tesco 2 for 1 glasses offer

The Optometrist can be a point of referral to an ophthalmologist in cases where medical and surgical treatment of serious eye conditions are required.

What are the 3 types of eye doctors?

Optometrists are licensed eye-doctors who provide primary vision care such as sight testing for vision and health defects and correction to the diagnosis, treatment, and management of vision changes by prescribing eyeglasses,contact lens and eye medications.

An optometrist earned the Doctor of Optometry (OD) degree to qualify for professional practice.

Optician:An optician is the professional healthcare technician who has the skill, training and license to use prescription written by the optometrist or ophthalmologist to make eye glasses that match the prescription.

In addition, the optician does adjustments on your eyeglass frames as well as minor repairs such as replacing glasses nose pads and screws.

Opthalmologist: An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor who specializes in eye and vision care.

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Do eye clinics offer warranty?

Yes they do. For most established eye clinics, you get as much as one year waranty against manufacturer’s defects on all lenses and eyeglass frames.

Some give you free services during the life of your prescribed glasses by providing you free adjustments on eyewear ,minor repairs like nose pads and screws replacement.

How Eye Clinics Make obtaining your eyewear convenient

You can walk into an Eye care centre as a new client or by referral. The eye clinic is located in the same building section where you receive a comprehensive eye exam.

After your eye examination,you move to the optician section with your prescription where you  select your preferred eye glasses and eyewear with the guidance of professional opticians who fit the eye glasses for your prescription and give you same day.

What is Eyeglasses Prescription Policy

It is the rule the eye clinic follows during the process of giving you prescribed eyeglasses. It may vary from one eye clinic to another.

One good example of an Eye glasses prescription policy is on what you must do when your eye prescription has been changed and what you must do if you experience unusual visual conditions.

Most clinics request you to immediately present yourself in the clinic once a new glass prescription is giving you problems.

What is an Eye Clinic?

 A centre for investigation, diagnosis and treatment of minor eye disorders, grinding & fixing of Lenses and Repair of Eye Glasses.

What are the features of an Eye Clinic


These are the list of provisions that must be present and confirmed to be available in an Eye Clinic before the regulatory agency approves the facility to provide Eye Clinic services (It can be slightly different from one country to another).

PART A: Minimum Facilities

Waiting/Reception Room of 4 x 3 sq. metres with:Sitting facilitiesRegistration table.

Medical Record Facilities (preferably digital).

Consulting Room(s) of 4 x 3 sq. metres with:Examination Chair/CouchBasic hand washing facilities under running water

Appropriate medical waste bins/management

Refraction/Treatment Room of 4 x 3 sq. metres containing the requisite specialist equipment including:Eye SCAN

Auto Refractor

Visual Activity Chart

Visual Field Analyzer

Tri-Lens set

Parking’s Tonometer


Slit Lamp etc.

Optical workshop of 4 x 3 sq. metres with appropriate machines and instruments for cutting, grinding and fitting of lenses and repair of glasses.

PART B: Staff complements:

Optometrist or Optician with a BSc Degree or Doctor of Optometry or any other qualification registerable with the appropriate professional body with at least five (5) years post qualification experience serves as Operating Officer.Clerk / Receptionist.

PART C: Hand Washing Facilities

Proper hand washing facilities must be available in all sections of the facility to facilitate frequent hand washing by the staff and patients.

Basic Facilities for hand washing are:

Wash hand basin with running waterLiquid antiseptic soap in dispensing bottle with plunger

Disposable Serviettes

Liquid hand sanitizers

Hand dryers (optional)Pedal bins

Handwashing poster

PART D:  Medical Waste Management

Registration with LAWMA Medical waste management is compulsory

Use of appropriate waste bins with cover in all sections of the facility

Use of appropriate colour coded bags for all medical waste disposal i.e.

Use of safety boxes for all sharps

Creation of an appropriate and secure final waste collection point for all facility’s waste

PART E:  Public health facilities shall include

Adequate ventilation

Adequate illumination

Clean and adequate Water Supply
pipe borne water treated borehole

Washable floors preferable tiled

Toilet facilities

Adequate toilet facilities exclusive to the facility as approved by the Agency.

PART F: Power Supply

Fire Extinguisher and other safety gadgets with valid service card

Public power supply

Standby generator

Inverter (Optional)

NOTE: Business hours shall be clearly displayed on the premises.

What to consider before choosing an eye care provider

Sign of valid registration of the facility

Eye Clinics have a sign to indicate that their facility is registered. Some have the regulatory agency sign on their facility and the valid practicing licence displayed on the wall of the reception area.

State of your eye condition

Serious eye cases that require surgery should be referred to the Ophthalmologist.

Location and accessibility of the eye care facility

The location should be in places easy to access and with ample safe car parking space.

Services available in the eye centre.

Consider if the kind of services, equipment and products are available in the eye care centre.

Registration With Health Insurance Service Provider

If you don’t want to use our of pocket expenditure for your eye clinic service, ensure that the service provider will allow you use your health insurance cover.

Cost of eye care services

Service providers have different factors they consider to fix prices, it is important you know if you can afford the services of an Eye Clinic before using their services.

Feedback on the service from people you trust.

Positive feedbacks from people who you trust their opinions and judgement who have received eye care from a particular eye care provider is a likely indicator of the good eye care delivery by that provider.

Waiting time

The lesser the waiting time the better it is that you are less likely to delay when to visit the eye clinic for service.

Eye care provider’s competence in human relations and professionalism

The eye care provider’s competence in  communication skills,professionalism by all members of staff are important factors you need to consider.

List of Registered Eye Clinics in Lagos.

Porters Eye Clinic

Guinness Eye Centre (GEC)

Ocuville Eye Clinic

Ocular  Eye Clinic

Grandview Eye Clinic

Faratori Eye Clinic.

How To Get Optometrist Consultation For Free?

This eye clinic is waiting to give you free consultation with an Optometrist and the prices of their glasses will lit your eyes.