Free inventory and POS app for business owners

goalPOS is a free inventory and POS app with several features that make it suitable for any kind of business. The features include;
• Voice command for searching items
• Expenses and debts management
• Barcode scanning
• Receipt printing for customers
• Inventory alert for expiring products and finishing stocks
• Multi user accounts and privileges
• Wholesale and retail price support

Why You need this app

goalPOS helps business owners run their business the smart way. With its voice command and barcode scanning feature, picking an item comes straightaway. The inventory alert helps to notify you of stocks running out or expiring. Selling with the options of owing customers or allowing customers owe you helps to keep records of debts and the same time, maintaining good healthy relationships with your customers.

Knowing the current value of your stocks through the inventory stock value feature helps you know if your business is growing or not. The sales report which shows the detailed profits of sales is an important feature since the aim of every business is to make profit. That’s where the profit and loss statement feature comes in to enable you know your business performance.. The graphical illustrations of the sales and expenses through the year helps you to easily understand your business seasons for better decisions. With this feature-rich app, managing your business becomes very easy and handy.

Features of goalPOS

1. Offline operation: no internet needed for function except when the user manual is to be used.
2. Retail and Wholesales Supports: this is an inventory app with support for whole sales and retails the same time.
3. Voice Command: This is an inventory system with voice command for searching items.
4. Bar code Scanning: goalPOS supports barcode scanning and reading.
5. Multi Language and currency: Suitable with any currency in any country, more languages coming.
6. Debts Management: This is an inventory app with support for debt management if at a point, you owe your customers and vise versa.
7. Expense Management: goalPOS helps you manage expenses with graphical reports of your expenses over a period of time.
8. Inventory Alerts: Expiring and finishing products are reported.
9. Sales, Profit and Loss Reports with receipt printing using any Bluetooth enabled 58mm POS printer.

goalPOS has been designed to feature almost all business situations even as more features will continue to roll out in future updates as more feedback and suggestions continue to come.

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