Free Marraige Counselling Service.

I am delighted to inform you that @rhemaformula is collaborating with a group of medical personnel and certified marriage counsellors to provide free marital counselling services.

Areas of interest:
1. Issues with choice: You have a lot of suitors or potential future mate and you need a godly direction on how to make the right decision, you are at the verge of leaving a relationship and you want to know if it is the right thing to do, you are left with just one choice and you are afraid of what the future holds.
2. Every issue of Marital disharmony
3. Infertility issues: Medical advise on what to do. This services does not include medical tests which you might have to get done by yourself.

Please note
 Our services are not free but they’ve been paid for
 We do not offer deliverance services but we have a partnering prayer ministry where we can make referral for issues requiring prayers
 Issues beyond our scope (some of which are stated above) will be referred to suitable Professionals.
 Details on how to indicate your interest can be seen at