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This is a serious offer from an Investor in the DealRoom

Free Offer Of Funding From An Investor

Who the investor wants?

If you have experience in maritime shipping, the investor is willing and ready to support a team in Nigeria with funding to build a startup in Maritime trade and Logistics.

What is Maritime Trade and Logistics?

Maritime trade broadly deals with all the trades that require the transport of goods through the sea, using ships and conducted in compliance with regulations guiding the maritime industry while Maritime logistics refer to the process of planning, executing and coordinating the transport of goods and information sharing  in the ocean carriage.

What does the investor want?

As the recently inaugurated African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) moves to the next phase, the startup the investor wants to fund will do the equivalent of what logistics companies do on land in the maritime area.
According to the investor,
“I have struggled to see startups in the maritime trade and logistics sector and now forced to have an open call.”

What the start up will build with the investor’s fund.

In the phase One of the playbook, the services the startup will build-up are :

a. Freight shipping: 

Main milestone: Handle the automating booking and deployment.

b. Customs Services and Clearance:  

Main milestone: Manage the business to clear goods for both import and export.

c. Trade Financing: 

Main milestone: Play a business role in finance trade by helping shippers grow.

d. Land/Air Haulage Logistics: 

Main milestone: Start up will integrate and collaborate with partners to enable land/air logistics.
Integrate into PAPSS (Pan-African Payment and Settlement System) via Afreximbank and a digital bank in the United States; investor will provide all contacts needed to achieve this segment.
The investor expects the start-up to digitize the whole process with technology that will help tracking at scale.
More so, start-up will launch in at least Six(6) ports in Africa with correspondence partners in China (Asia), Europe and the United States of America (USA); investor will provide those networks.
Furthermore, the Investor will help the selected Start up join World Cargo Alliance (WCA) .

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