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If you’ve a dream of starting a bakery business or you are currently running your bakery business at a loss, gather here.

The bakery business is a very lucrative business because it meets the daily needs of people. However, most people in the business can improve their operations and profitability if they know how to do so.

That is why you need to be part of this free online bakery coaching classes.

The food business is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world hence, considering a bakery business is not out of place.


This baking training program will take you beyond just recipes and lists of ingredients. Instead, over the course we will be learning, discussing, and practicing all the fundamental techniques that make us better bakers and successful bakery owners.

Outline of the Free Online Bakery Coaching Courses:

*Introduction To Milling Process
*Quality Process
*Quality Control In Baking
*Good Manufacturing Practices
*Food Safety
*Baking Ingredients & Functions
*Bakery Equipments
*Science Of Bread Baking
*Recipes Formulation Using Bakers Percentage
*Bread Faults & Remedies
*Products Packaging /Global Trends In Bread Production
*Sales Management
*Calculating Business Earnings
*Bakery Process Tracking