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What is vimto fizzy?

Vimto fizzy is a  flavoured, fruity carbonated soft drink which was initially manufactured as a health tonic but now produced and marketed as a brand of regular fizzy softdrink.

Vimto Fizzy was first sold in Lancashire in the United Kingdom before it later became a carbonated drink which incorporates the juice of fruits such as berries, blackcurrants, grapes, then flavoured with spices and herbs.

Has fizzy vimto got caffeine in it?

No. Vimto fizzy is a soft drink product that incorporates no caffeine which is made in Great Britain but available in a number of versions.

Is vimto fizzy good for health?

Vimto fizzy incorporates some great benefits for some people but it is generally not considered to be a healthy drink for an average person.

Vimto fizzy contains high amount of sugar and its excessive consumption may result to negative impacts on the blood sugar and the skin.

What does vimto stand for?

The five letters in ‘VIMTO’ represent the first letter in the expression “Various Ingredients Mixed Together Ostentatiously”.

VIMTO is an acronym and not a true word per se.

When was fizzy vimto invented?

Vimto fizzy was invented by Manchester John Nichols.

He created the drink initially as a herbal tonic to give the drinkers vim and vigor.

Is vimto a fizzy drink?

Yes! Vimto fizzy is a soft drink . It was initially manufactured as a health drink tonic but decades later, Vimto fizzy became a carbonated drink.

Vimto fizzy is a mixture of well blended fruit juice of grapes, raspberries and blackcurrants flavoured with herbs and spices.

Vimto Fizzy comes in cans and bottles.

What’s the nutrition data on Vimto Fizzy?

The nutrients present in VIMTO fizzy is stated in the chart below 

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