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What is pattern sewing drafting?

Pattern Sewing Drafting is the involvement of measurements derived from fitting systems or accurate measurements taken on a person, dress or body shape.

What measurements are taken in Pattern Drafting Sewing?

The Measurements taken for pattern drafting sewing  are chest measurements, waist measurement, hip measurement and so on.

Seam allowances are marked on paper and construction lines are drawn to complete the drafted pattern.

What is a pattern in sewing?

In sewing, a pattern is the guide with which the parts of the body are traced onto fabric before it is being cut out and assembled.

Patterns in sewing are often made of paper, and are sometimes made of paperboard or cardboard incase it needs to be reused.

What is pattern drafting?

Pattern drafting is the method of creating a pattern by taking measurements of a person, or model, so as to then create a pattern used as the basis for the design.

What are the steps in pattern drafting in sewing?

To create a simple pattern drafting in sewing, a pattern maker would require to follow five important steps: 

•Gather the materials and tools needed

•Take accurate measurements

•Add styles and designs

•Grade the design

•Drap it to result in the final garment.

What is Pattern drafting tool in sewing?

Pattern Drafting equipment are used for drafting paper patterns which is the second stage of pattern making. 

What are the advantages of pattern drafting in sewing?

Patterns can easily be re-drafted when there is a mistake thus preventing wastage.

Other advantages is that Patterns can be easily modified to other designs, it can be tested before they are sewn and Patterns are long lasting.

What are the disadvantages of pattern drafting in sewing?

It makes work really slow since drawing is generally slower than most other methods.

What are the uses of pattern drafting in sewing?

Pattern drafting is vital because it gives visual clues to an underlying order.

Pattern drafting is like a template that enables one to hastenly analyze a situation and understand how it works.

What are the 10 types of pattern drafting in sewing?

The 10 types of pattern drafting in sewing are;
Single Piece pattern drafting,

Two piece pattern drafting,

Gated pattern drafting,

Multi piece pattern drafting,

Match plate pattern drafting,

Skeleton pattern drafting,

Sweep pattern drafting,

Lose piece pattern drafting,

Cope and drag pattern drafting, and

Shell pattern drafting.

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What will you learn at free pattern drafting sewing training?

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