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What is a sanitary towel?

A sanitary towel or pad is an absorbent item worn in the underclothing when menstruating, hemorrhage after giving birth, convalescent from gynecologic surgery and lots more.

What does sanitary towel mean?

A sanitary towel or pad is a collection of thick or soft material that ladies or women wear to absorb blood during their menstrual period.

What can I use to replace sanitary towel?

You can replace sanitary towel with Tampons, Washable/reusable cloth pads, Panty liners or thinner pads, Period panties, Menstrual sponges and many others.

What are sanitary towels made of?

The sanitary towels are made of some of the world’s most common plastic types like polyester; polythylene; polypropene; Superabsorbent polymer(SAP), which is used for retaining moisture; synthetic resin and lots more.

How often do one need to change a sanitary towel?

One needs to change the towel or tampon several times a day. It may not be easy detecting when the tampon needs changing, but you can change about every four hours, or sooner.

Can you wear 2 pads at once?

There are different forms of the sanitary towel that is available. Some of them are extra long, with and without wings, night use, cotton pads and lots more. Select the one that is more comfortable for you.

For those having a very heavy flow, you can wear two pads to avoid any embarrassment.

What happens if you wear a pad too long?

When you wear a pad for too long, it can provide a breeding ground for bacteria and fungus, and it may also lead to an infection, including a yeast infection.

A damp towel and friction can also lead to irritation or the dreaded towel rash and make you more susceptible to infection.

Can I sleep with a pad on?

It all depends on your menstrual flow, however if you put on a fresh pad at bedtime, you probably may need to change before it’s full daybreak. 

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