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What is known as Rice Poundo?

Free Rice Poundo For Rice Flour Meals

Rice Poundo is a form of rice (Oryza sativa) flour that has been finely milled into rice flour and it is sometimes mistaken for ground rice flour even though they are different.

Poundo rice is prepared as a light swallow that digests easily and it is a perfect meal for a large family.

Is rice flour the same as ground rice flour?

What is the difference between rice flour  and ground rice flour?

Unlike rice flour,  ground rice flour is not finely milled, so it is coarse and when cooked, it is usually boiled in water turning it into a pudding . The coarse texture of the ground rice flour makes it more suitable for making puddings especially baby rice puddings.

However,  rice flour will stick together and create lumps if boiling water is added to it directly. That’s why rice flour is not used for making rice puddings but it is used for making rice bread and meal such as tuwo, shinkafa or fleuourize .

In what different sizes is Poundo rice packed?

It is always packaged in different sizes 0.6kg i.e. 10 packs in a bag, 1kg i.e. 10 packs in a bag and 2kg i.e. 5 packs in a bag.

What is JDP Global Foods or Desrich Rice Poundo?

JDP Global Foods Rice Poundo or Desrich Rice Poundo are different brands of rice flour.

The meal prepared from each of the two brands can also be called tuwo, shinkafa or fleuourize. The products are easily available in all supermarkets , sometimes in open market and all shoprite outlets.

How do I cook rice flour?

Cooking instructionsTo prepare

JDP Global Foods or Desrich Rice Poundo, follow the procedures below.Heat water upto 100°C in a pot, take out small part of the hot water and put it aside.

Transfer few scoops of the rice flour into a cup of water and use a wooden spoon to mix up the flour into the water until you break up the lumps to have a smooth consistence, if necessary, add some of the hot water from the earlier separated one, transfer the into the boiling water and turn severally with the wooden spoon while sprinkling dry rice flour into the boiling mixture and keep turning until it forms a semi-solid rice meal .

Cover the pot , turn the heat low and cook slowly for 5 minutes. Your rice Poundo is ready! You can serve hot with soup or stew.

Note: If you don’t keep stirring or add rice flour directly into the boiling water, you will have lumps but if you find few lumps even while making your tuwo the right way, just sprinkle in rice flour into the boiling mixture while still turning with your wooden spoon, stir until every lump clears away.

What is the Shelf life of Poundo rice?

Rice flour may last for years if you store the rice flour properly in a tightly covered container and keep in a cool dry location.

However, the shelf life if stored in tightly sealed plastic containers and kept in a freezer  , rice flour will last from 6 months to one year in the freezer.  Rice flour left in containers and kept in food drawers can remain fresh for only a few months.

What are the health benefits of rice flour?

Rice flour has nutritional benefits and it’s an excellent choice of flour because it is a gluten-free meal so it’s safe for you to eat if you have gluten allergies or celiac disease.

Brown rice is rich in B- vitamins , calories and fibre. The rich fibre content of brown rice flour variety makes it improve digestive health and lower the bad cholesterol levels.

Rice flour is used for skin care as well. For example, rice flour has the ability to  absorb oil so it’s used for removing oil  from acne-prone skin.

Rice flour contains anti-inflammatory agent that help relieve the discomfort from sunburns on skin while the anti-aging properties associated with rice flour help slow down the onset of ageing signs to keeps your look younger.

What soup goes best with Rice poundo?

It is best enjoyed when served with ogbono or okro soup.

What’s the nutritional value of Rice Poundo ?

According to the USDA, 100 grams of Rice Poundo (Rice flour) contains the nutrient value stated in the chart below

Free Rice Poundo For Rice Flour Meals

What are the best brands of Rice Poundo ? 

JDP Global Foods Rice Poundo,

Anju Rice flour,

Mayoksal rice flour ,

Ayoola Foods Rice flour,

Fola Foods Rice Flour,

Mohtoon’ s Place Rice Poundo ,

Haitai Rice flour,

Pro Nature Rice flour, 

JK Rice flour fine ,

Good life Rice flour ,

Middleton Foods Rice Flour ,

Daily Fresh Rice flour,

Vishwash Atta Rice Flour .

What is JDP Global Foods Poundo Rice ?

Free Rice Poundo For Rice Flour Meals
JDP Global Foods Poundo Rice

This brand of Poundo Rice is made from white rice . 

JDP Global Foods Poundo rice is rich in nutrients ,easy to prepare and goes well with soups and stews for all ages.

How To Get Rice Flour (Poundo Rice) Sample Free

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