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What is Suya Spice?

Free Suya spice For Kebabs and Multipurpose Food Ingredient!

Suya spice is a powdery mixture of ground roasted peanut or peanut cake(kulikuli), pepper ,spices and food seasoning like salt and monosodium glutamate, used to marinate meats such as beef and chicken before grilling them into tasty and delicious grilled meat slices or chicken parts.

Suya spice is also called Yaji. 
Suya spice is not only used for marinating meats before grilling, it is sometimes part of the recipe of some meals, therefore suya spice can be added to various types of dishes to improve their taste and flavour.

You can make your own suya spice at home or save your time and buy the already prepared packaged brands of suya spice.

Some brands of suya spice now come without peanut and it is best recommended for you if you are allergic to peanuts.

What ingredients are used to make suya spice?

Free Suya spice For Kebabs and Multipurpose Food Ingredient!

To prepare suya, the meat is first dipped in peanut vegetable oil first and rub with dry powder of suya spice.

The ingredients used to make suya spice include ground roasted peanuts or powdered peanut cake, cayenne pepper, onion powder , powdered ginger, ground garlic , chicken bouillon powder, salt , and monosodium glutamate.

 What is Suya?

Free Suya spice For Kebabs and Multipurpose Food Ingredient!

Suya, kebab or kebab , is grilled meat garnished with suya spice before grilling. It’s often taken as snacks or along with main meals.

Suya is sold as a street fast food with the grilled beef prepared and presented as slices grilled on sticks. There is chicken suya as well. 

What is used to make Suya?

Most times, Suya is made with skewered beef, ram, or chicken.

You may also use innards such as kidney; liver and tripe. This neatly sliced meat is spiced in a lot of spices which also include peanut cake, salt, vegetable oil and other flavorings, and then barbecued.

What are some good combos for Suya?

You should not miss the following suya combos as an African

• Suya and garri.

• Suya and bread. a.k.a risky burger.

• Suya and massa.

• Suya and noodles.

• Suya and crispy vegetables.

• Suya and fries.

• Suya and beer.

What are the uses of suya spice?

Suya spice is not only used as rub for preparing suya, you can add it to:


•batters for deep frying food

•Sauces, stews and soups

•fruits and vegetables


•butter and soft cheese before you spread on toast , fried yam chips, baked potatoes, muffins, butternut squash or fried plantain

•rice or pasta dishes.

Where did Suya originate from?

Suya, pronounced as sooya, has it’s origin from the nomadic people present in northern part of Nigeria.

Later, it became so common in the western region of Africa. Suya is served as street snack .

Why do we sell Suya at night?

The major reason why Suya is sold at night is because preparation of the meat is always done in the day.

In northern Nigeria where it claims its origin from, the suya maker spends all day to slice the meat, skewer them and add seasoning to them.

Then, when it is almost evening, he lights up his grill and starts to make them.

Is the meat for Suya processed?

Affirmatively yes. Suya is processed red (or white if made from chicken) meat. It is prepared by barbecue and spiced with salt, pepper and groundnut powder. Other forms of popular processed meat include ham, sausages and bacon .

How does Suya taste?

If you are wondering how suya tastes , it is a smoky, nutty, spicy blend that ascribe delectable, savory umami flavor to anything you desire to season it with.

You can also make it into paste or be used as rub.

Can Suya be classified as red meat?

Suya is a well-known spicy meat skewer which is a staple food item in a lot of parts in West Africa.

Though the popular variety of suya is prepared from skewered beef , mutton(ram meat) or chicken. You may also use innards such as kidney, liver and tripe to make suya. 

Suya can be red meat if the suya is prepared from beef or mutton but can be white meat when the suya is prepared from the wing and breast portions of chicken.

What are the best brands of Suya Spice?

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Sunburst Blvd Suya Yaji Seasoning, Traditional Nigerian Kabob & Grilled Meat Suya Pepper Spice,

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Unbland spices Suya spice blend.

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Free Suya spice For Kebabs and Multipurpose Food Ingredient!
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