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What does it take to becoming a packaging professional in Nigeria?

It takes just a year part-time course to become a packaging professional in Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Which organization offers the course it takes to become a package professional?

Institute of Packaging in South Africa offers this one year part-time course , and it is widely known by the packaging industry in South Africa.

It is authorized by the World Packaging Organisation, by the Packaging Society in UK at one time known to be the British institute of Packaging: and by the Australian Institute of Packaging.

What is the packaging?

‘Packaging’ is known to be a multi-faceted field and science, which demands the packaging specialist to possess an overall knowledge of both technical and business related aspects.

Is the packaging course for professionals?

This course addresses the desires of possessing an overall knowledge about the discipline and it is suitable for both the newcomer to the field as well as the skilled.

What does the packaging course entails?

The packaging course starts by reviewing the main business aspects which a packaging specialist is expected to know, from economics to marketing.

The course is majored on the technical areas of packaging covering the necessities of protecting and preserving for a good number of consumer and industrial products, from the factory to the final consumer, in particular the necessities of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and industrial products.

Other aspects of the training are graphics design, printing processes, environmental aspects, legal aspects, specifications and materials handling.

Are there some specific people that can apply for the professional course?

The Institute of Packaging course is applicable to individual in the following positions: sales, marketing, design, technical, production, quality control, R&D, buyers, warehouse managers and logistics managers.

It is majorly attended by both packaging converters and users of packaging, as well as retailers. 

What is the period of the institute of Packaging professional course?

The course runs every year within a period of about 10 months, with sometimes one or 2 sessions (lectures) per week.

Is there a form of examination during the professional course?

It sets a high academic standard with 5 tests and 2 national exams throughoutthe course.

Of which there is its practical component, a ‘packaging assignment’, that rolls over approximately a six month period, in that every student is needed to research and report on. 

Is the institute of Packaging professional course the first and last course of Packaging?

It is bench marked against similar first level ‘packaging’ courses offered in some top Countries like USA and is equivalent in standard to the first year of a degree in packaging. 

Can working class people cope with the workload?

Aspiring students and Part-time students ought to remember that the course imposes a reasonable severe class work load on participants – that is, it is no “walkover” academically, and this needs to be weighed up fastidiously in relation to their employment work load.

When does the lectures start for the packaging course?

The lecture commences every February to October / November of every year. Lectures are held every week at the major centres of the institute just the like the one in Johannesburg and the likes. 

In certain minor centres where getting the services of a permanent lecturer is tasking, a system of self-study is employed, where the students are to study by themselves from the prescribed text book, however, the students would have a “mentor” accessible to them in case a problem arises. 

This technique can also be applied for in a region where lectures are held, but there is a challenge in attending lectures. 

Can on enrol for distance learning study in the institute?

The Course may also be undertaken by distance learning.

What is the pass mark for the packaging course?

Provided a student attains the mandatory pass mark in 5 tests throughout the course, in mid-year and end of course examinations, in an applied student assignment, and as an marian final final year weighted mark, he/she is to collect the Institute’s official Diploma in Packaging Technology. The pass mark for the course is 50%.

What certificate will be issued after completion of the packaging course?

The certificate issued to a student who met the pass mark is the Institute’s official Diploma in Packaging Technology.

What are the requirements for the packaging course?

A proficiency in English language, and maths and science (normally at about the secondary level is advisable if the student is to cope with the course requirements). 

How can one enrol in the packaging course?

This will be supplied when it is requested, or can be accessible via the Institute’s website.

Once the form is completed in full, this ought to be e-mailed, or faxed or to the closest of the address.