Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Hydra Smooth formula

What is Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Hydra Smooth formula?

This is a brand of gel grooming cosmetics of shaving preparation made by Gillette.

This is a more recent improvement in shaving preparations.It can be in bottles or tubes featuring advanced glide technology and contains glycerin to help keep your skin clear, smooth and hydrated during shave.

How do you use  shaving gel?

I like to shake first then apply the gel directly to the parts of face or body previously softened with mild warm water, and shave.

Alternatively,press container to release a small dollop of foam then use your fingers to rub the gel on your face, neck, legs, or pubic area and any other part of the body you want to shave.

Try have a thin, even layer of foam across the entire surface of the skin to shave. Gently massage or rub the shaving gel in to evenly distribute it then shave in the direction that the hair grows using short overlapping strokes of  between 2 to 4 centimetres (do not re-shave spots already shaven).

After completing the shave, rinse with water and apply an After Shave Lotion.

What are shaving gels?

Unlike shaving creams, shaving gels don’t foam. They are easy to apply and you don’t need water to mix with them like shaving powder.

A gel is more concentrated than shaving foams so acts faster and it has more consistency of creamy lather.

Shave gels create a luxurious layer between the blade and your skin, allowing razors to glide with ease and protecting you from nicks, cuts and razor burn. 

They are very simple to use. It is transparent, so you can see the skin and exactly what you’re doing during shaving. This makes it perfect for today’s clean clear shave like John Paul Gaultier aftershave, Ralph Lauren Polo aftershave.

Shaving gels contain moisturizing oils that will continue to keep your skin hydrated long after shaving. Gels are a more lubricating option for shaving, providing more protection against skin irritation from a razor.

If you have sensitive skin and prone to acne, look for the word noncomedogenic on the instruction label of the product container.The word means that the shaving gel is formulated so as not to cause blocked pores.

What is the best shaving gel?

The 7 Best Shaving Gels of 2020

Neutrogena Men Razor,

Defense Shave Gel For Sensitive Skin.

EZ BLADE Shaving Gel.

Anthony Logistics Shave Gel.

M Shave Aloe Gel from Clinique Skin Supplies for Men.

Every Man Jack Sensitive Skin Shave Gel.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Organic Shaving Gel.

Gillette Fusion Hydra Gel Hydra Smooth formula

Is Gillette gel or foam better?

Shaving gel is more concentrated than foams and produce a slightly richer creamy consistent lather than foams, which means even more protection for your skin and enhanced razor glide for a smoother, more comfortable shave.

Gels tend to have a viscosity that makes it thinner in consistency and therefore can spread across much more easily than shaving foams.

How do I avoid getting razor bumps?

How to Prevent Razor Bumps in the Future

If you are using razor blade, warm water and soap:

Wet the skin and hair to be shaved with warm water.

Then add a mild soap, leave for about 1-2 minutes then use a sharp blade to shave in the direction the hair is growing in 2-4 centimetres of overlapping strokes.

When using shaving preparations like shaving , you can read and follow the instruction on the label and if it is specifically shaving gel, please read and follow how it is explained in this post.

Don’t forget;
Shave the hair in the direction that it is growing with overlapping steady strokes of between 2-4 centimetres at a time.  Moisturize the skin after shaving.

Should I use shaving gel on pubic hair?

Yes you can. In the real sense, shaving gels is a practical solution to your shaving problems. There are even brands of shaving gel for sensitive skin.

If you apply shaving gel on your pubic hair,it helps to moisten the region while you shave and allows the blade to move more smoothly on skin.

With shaving gel,you can see the skin region you are shaving, especially the bikini line for females, to see where  skin blemishes and irritation points are located or when you want your hair lines to start and stop.

This helps to prevent the accident of shaving over the same spots repeatedly which can irritate the skin around your pubic area.

Also, it helps you to keep perfect hair lining of the hair left in the pubic region if you don’t want to completely shave off the pubic hair.

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