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What are birthday biscuits?

Birthday biscuits are specialty biscuits that can be layered with a fondant before chocolate or icing toppings are placed on the biscuits so you can decorate and personalise with a happy birthday wish.

They are sometimes used as creative alternatives to birthday cakes.Β 

Birthday biscuits can be ringed or in letters and numbers.Fondant with icing on them can be in layers thick enough to hold up a birthday candle stick dipped on the biscuits .

You can buy all sorts of different colours of smarties or sprinkles and add to the birthday biscuits to further decorate your happy birthday biscuits.Β 

What are the ingredients used for making birthday biscuits?

πŸ“ Plain white flour

πŸ“ Baking powder

πŸ“ Golden caster sugar

πŸ“ Unsalted butter

πŸ“ Lemon curd

πŸ“ Vanilla extract

πŸ“ Egg

πŸ“ White icing sugar

πŸ“ Strawberry conserve

What are the recipes for making birthday biscuits?

πŸ’« Preheat oven to 180⁰C

πŸ’« Mix the flour, sugar and butter using a processor until it forms crumbs and after that, wait till it forms a ball

πŸ’« Spread the large sheet of baking parchment over the board and roll the dough until you get a desired thickness. Dust with a little flour if sticking.

πŸ’« Then cut to a desired shape and cut out its middle with the end of a piping nozzle. Bake for about 10minutes untile pale brown. Let it cool down on a wire rack and your biscuits is ready.

πŸ’« Mix lemon curd and some teaspoons of water in a bowl until it’s smoothened. Sieve in icing sugar and stir till you get a smooth icing.

πŸ’« Mix strawberry fruit spread and water in another bowl and sieve in the remaining icing sugar.

πŸ’« Apply the lemon icing over the biscuits before using a piping nozzle for the strawberry icing. Leave for about 20minutes. Then your birthday biscuits is ready.

How long can birthday biscuits last?

Birthday biscuits can last for up to 2days when decorated and kept in an airtight container buy can stay longer if not decorated.

What are the ingredients used for decorating the birthday biscuits?

Β πŸ“Œ Smooth strawberry jam

πŸ“Œ White chocolate

πŸ“Œ Sunflower oil

πŸ“Œ Multitude of sprinkles

What can birthday biscuits be served with?

✨ Sandwiches

✨ Smoothie jellies

✨ Ice cream

What are the best brands of Birthday Biscuits ?

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