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What is malted milk?

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Malted milk made from the combination of malted barley, wheat flour and whole milk (evaporated) is a powdered gruel.

This powder is used to add its unique flavor to beverages and some other food items and it is also a good ingredient to use to ensure properly baked dough.
It is used to produce malted milk biscuits.

What are the kinds of malted milk?

Malted milk can be in two forms: diastatic and non diastatic.

Diastatic are the ones that contain an important enzymes that is essential in the breakdown of starch into sugar; this is the ingredient added to bread that eusures the rise of the dough and add some certain crust.

Non diastatic, not like diastatic does not have any enzymes. It has a primary task, which is its flavor, which is mostly in beverages.

Occasionally, it contains sugar, coloring agents and some additives which always depend on the commercial preparation.

What are the uses of Malted milk?

It is an essential ingredient in making

:• Malted milk biscuit

• Malted milkshakes

• Malted soyabean milk

• Malted hotdrinks, such as Ovaltine• Malted milk ballsAnd others

For how long does Malted milk last?

If it is properly stored, malted milk can last for about 10months provided it is stored at room temperature.

Can Malted milk be refrigerator?

During dry season or when stored in a very hot environment, malted milk is best preserved in a refrigerator.

What is the difference between malted milk and milk shake?

As we have in milkshake, malt has ice cream and milk. A major difference is the added malted milk powder. This accentuates the flavor of the ice cream, which adds to the overall taste and richness.

What are the ingredients in malted milk biscuit?

Most of the ingredients used in malted milk recipe include;Wheat Durum Flour, Palm Oil, Sugar, Barley Malt Extract, Glucose Syrup, Dried Whole Milk powder, Calcium carbonate,  nutritional minerals for fortification like Iron, Iron and Vitamins like Thiamine and Niacin.

The remaining group of ingredients are the raising agents like Ammonium Bicarbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate),Flavouring ,Salt to taste.

What  is the nutritional data of Malted Milk biscuits?

A typical malted milk biscuit per 100g contains the nutritional information stated in the chart below

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