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What is UI/UX?

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User Experience (UX) is the combination of the  interaction and experience users of a particular product or service have with a company’s products and services whereas User interface (UI) is the specific asset created with softwares for users to interact with.

For example, UI skill can be used to create visual design elements such as colors and typography to enable the users interact with particular product or service.

How do I train to become a professional UI/UX designer?

Follow these 9 steps to become a UX / UI designer.

This also includes when you do not have a work experience or a degree.
1. Know and memorize all the design directions.
2. Sit down and learn all of the tools for work.
3. Start giving full attention to design.
4. Ensure you’re surrounded with design.
5. Observe and Copy from Others.
6. Look up to someone and let others look up to you too. 
7. Learn more by taking a course.

What are the most popular courses for UI UX?

There are a lot of the  really.

This includes;




UX Academy,

Interaction design foundation,



Career Foundry.

Is coding required for UX design?

If this same thing has been bothering you, the answer is Great UX design does not require any coding abilities.

Despite not being required, there are a lot of times when learning to code gives you more advantage in your overall UX career.

Which should I learn first? UI or UX?

Is there difference between UI and UX?

Yes . However, in product development process, it is obvious that UX design usually comes first, then can be followed by UI.

It follows that the UX designer will only map out the bare bones of the user journey; it is the UI designer then that fills it in with visual and interactive elements.

What is the best software good for UX design?

Top UI / UX design tools
• Invision Studio. Available on: Mac OS, Windows.
• Framer X. Available on: Mac OS
• Marvel. Available on: Mac OS.
• Proto.io. Available on: Mac OS.
• Principle. Available on: Mac OS.
• Wondershare Mockitt. Available on: Web, Windows, Mac OS.
• Mockplus. Available on: Mac OS, Windows.
• Zeplin. Available on: Mac OS, Windows, Web.

For how long will it take to learn UX design?

Usually, it takes 6 to 12 months. It may take less or take more.

The time it takes to learn UX Design and become competitive UX designer is relative to your background and time you can invest in learning.

But on an average, It will take anywhere from 6 to 12 months with the assumption that there are other commitments which may include work, family, or school.

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