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What is a Nescafe original 3-in-1?

A Nescafé original 3-in-1 is a delicious combination of coffee, milk and sugar.

Nescafé original 3-in-1 is manufactured by Nescafé Original.

It is a product that is crafted with medium-dark roasted coffee beans that gives it its aroma and taste.

What is differentiates Nescafé original 3 in 1 from Nescafé original 2 in 1?

Nescafé original 3-in-1 contains sugar, milk and coffee while NESCAFÉ 2 in 1 coffee is without sugar for those that prefer its unsweetened taste but has milk and coffee.

What are the ingredients in Nescafé original 3 in 1?

The ingredients in Nescafe 3 in 1 Instant Coffee are Caramelized Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Hardened Palm Oil, Instant Coffee, Sugar, Salt, Stabilizers, Milk Proteins, Maltodextrin, Emulsifier, And Natural And Artificial Flavoring. 

Does Nescafé original 3 in 1 make you fat?

Nescafé original 3-in-1 can negatively affect your sleep which can help promote weight gain but coffee does not cause weight gain.

Does Nescafé original 3-in-1 prevent sleep?

According to some studies, Nescafé original 3 in 1 can keep you awake for some reasons in the evening.

Based on the studies, it is shown that coffee is more than just being a stimulant

Is Nescafe good for the body?

Nescafé Original 3 in 1 coffee incorporates less caffeine and more acrylamide than the regular coffee, however , it incorporates more of the same antioxidants.

Generally, Nescafé original 3 in 1 coffee is a healthy, low-calorie beverage that is linked to the same health benefits as the other varieties of coffee.

Does 3 in 1 coffee contain milk?

Yes. NESCAFÉ® 3-in-1 contains milk along coffee and sugar. This, milk is contained in Nescafé original 3 in 1.

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