Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse For Hair Stlyes

What is a mousse?

A mousse is a soft, sweet or savoury, often edible preparation,that contains air bubbles that makes it light,fluffy or creamy thick texture.

The word ” mousse” is a French word for  “foam”.

What are the components of a  mousse?

A mouse is typically constituted with four components:

The base or principal flavouring agent: This is the principal component that gives the mousse its flavour.

The binder: the component that sticks the ingredients together.

The aerator: the component that gives mousse its light, airy texture.

Seasoning: This is an important component found in only edible savoury mousse, not in hair mousses. Usually, seasonings used are table salt and pepper.

What is foam wrap for hair?

Foam wraps for hair are actually mousses but are light and fluffy hair styling lotions used on the hair to mold or wrap the hair in a smooth and shiny style.

The containers of these foam lotions come with fully adjustable nozzles which projects the foam when pressed down to project the foam on the hair.

The foam makes it easy to make the hair into different stlyes and give moisturization, conditioning,shine and softness effects to the hair.

Does mousse harden hair?

Yes but it is after it is dry. So when you finish treating your hair with the mouse and style, set you hair dryer to low and blow dry from the root hairs to the tips of your hair. As the mousse dries, it will stiffen slightly, giving your hair more lift and strength.

The more you effectively you dry moussed hair roots, the stronger your hair stands are to support your hairstyle and get more “hairlift” and volume. You may use flat Iron hair straightener such as Babyliss Pro Nano titanium to create loose beachy waves or smoothen and straighten your hair. In particular, the Babyliss Pro Nano titanium has a slim design that makes it easy and light to handle thereby helping to relieve your hand so you can enjoy more styling flexibility.

Do you apply mousse to wet or dry hair?

Mousse is not recommended for use on dry hair.

If you use it on your dry hair, it will bind the dirts and residual hair products in your hair to your and make its appearance less appealing and shiny to sight.

It is always better to apply mousse on hair that is already softened by a wetting agent like water, used to rinse out washed hair and towel used to remove the excess dry the hair, before applying the mousse.

What could I use instead of hair mousse?

If you don’t have mousses and you are considering alternatives to the foam wrap, you can buy your own olive oil, mix with coconut oil and apply to your hair and blow dry from the hair roots to the tip or set on hair rolls into rings and apply before blow dry.

Alternatively, you can purchase Argan Oil and apply. Leave in your hair to moisturize and condition the hair to the style you make after applying the Argan oil then blow dry to retain the hair set.

Molasses Pomade,natural lemon hair spray and Shea butter mousses are alternatives to foam wraps.

Is hair mousse and setting lotion the same?

They are not exactly the same. Haiir mousse has slightly more benefits due to its advanced formulation although they can both be used for hair setting.
If you have used perm rods or small plastic rollers to make your hair into ringlets, you can apply either the foam wrap or setting lotion then blow to dry, they will give similar outcome in terms of the appearance of the hair.

Why does mousse make my hair crunchy?

Hair styling mousses contain ingredients like alcohol to help them dry quickly but leaves the hair end dry and crunchy. They also contain binders,e.g collagen gel, which soak the hair and stays on the hair strands surfaces to give strength to the hair when dried for long from the roots,combine its effect with the side effect of the alcohol to leave your hair feeling crunchy.

The more quantity of mousse you add and blow dry longer from your hair roots, the crunchier your hair feels after treatment with a mousse.

What quantity of mousse should I add to my hair

The amount of hair styling mousse to add to your hair depends on the length of your hair strands.

The longer your hair strands, the more the quantity of mousse you add to your hair.

Can I use mousse everyday?

Yes, if you have the time to apply it on your semi-wet hair after using towel to dry the washed hair and blow dry it properly.

In fact, experts’ counsel on daily use of hair mousse is “if you know how to use it, mousse is a great everyday foundational product because it provides grip and memory for the hair”.

A user’s review once stated that “mousse  provides a great lasting hold and smells good as well! It’s very light and doesn’t leave any residue within your hair so you can basically use daily”.

What is Olive oil Mousse?

It is a Hair styling mousse manufactured by ORS Hair care.

The ORS Olive Oil Wrap/Set Mousse is a light and fluffy mousse formulated by its manufacturer to hold, moisturize, and give incredible shine to your hair.

This hair care product can be used for hair curls and hair wrap while making your hair increase in bulk.

What is ORS Olive oil Mousse used for?

ORS Olive Oil Hair Styling Mousse is perfect hair care product which when applied to the hair in right amount wraps or sets your hair, giving it great hold and volume.

If it’s to tame dishevelled curls, it does it well and makes them bouncier.

The Olive oil added to the product is to replenish your hair and make it stronger enough to withstand breakage and give it healthy shiny appearance.

What are the ingredients in ORS Olive oil Mousse?

These are the ingredients added in the hair dye formula. They may be natural or synthetic products and each ingredient plays a role in the overall action of the hair dye when applied.

For most commercial hairstyling mousses , they have secret formulations which most times are complex to decipher especially by non scientists.However, the components are basically grouped into flavouring agent, binder and aerator.

For ORS Olive oil Mousse, the ingredients  are

SD Alcohol 39-C,

Cocamidopropyl Betaine,


Cetrimonium Chloride,

Hydrolyzed Collagen,


Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil,

PEG-12 Dimethicone,

PEG-75 Lanolin,




Alpha-Isomethyl Ionone,

Benzyl Alcohol,

Benzyl Salicylate,

Butylphenyl Methylpropional,

Hexyl Cinnamal,



DMDM Hydantoin,



Apart from the 3 groups of components,hair styling  producers may include some the chemicals above to give special qualities to their products.

These may be by adding shampoos, fragrances, substances that with make their hairstyling last longer, creamy, foamy, or thick, or contribute to the making your hair grow fast and healthy.

What are basic ingredients in Hair Mousse.

What is the role of each ingredient in Hair Styling mousse?

Olive oil.

Research has shown that olive oil shows moisturizing effect on the hair.
So it is added to soften and strengthen your hair by penetrating the hair shaft and trap moisture while still covering the outer layer of the hair reflecting light to eyes giving the hair volume and shiny look.


In the ORS Olive oil Mousse, Hydrolysed Collagen is used. Just like its job in our body to glue our bones, cartilage, skin, and blood vessels together, it soaks up your hair, binds to it to give it strength and what makes it grow, keeping it from sagging over time and able to withstand hair breakages.


This is added to hasten the drying of the mousses after their application to the hair.


They prevent the oil from being  oxidized easily in the hair to become rancid. Some other antioxidants added help make the nice fragrances in the mousse linger. Examples of antioxidants used are sodium sulfite, tocopherol acetate etc

Wetting agent

Used to moisten and soften the hair so as to allow the entry of the mousse ingredients and other components into the hair strands surfaces


Expectedly, they are added to give very nice and appealing smell to the hair and mask the somewhat offensive smell of some of the hair styling mousse ingredients especially where odorless collagen is not used.

What are the important warnings before using a hair mousse?

It is not an edible savoury or sweet mousse so do not swallow.

So does mousse harm hair?

Yes, mousse can damage your hair if used improperly such as applying too much on a frequent use.

They contain alcohol in the formulas to  hasten the drying after the application of the mousse, the side effect of the alcohol may lead to dry hair ends.

To prevent this side effect from becoming very prominent and damaging your hair, ensure you do not abuse the use of mousses and use the right quantity based on your hair strands length or go for alcohol-free mousses.

Always read all product labeling and instructions completely before you buy or use.

Hair products including Superdrug head and shoulders, ORS Olive oil Mousse and others contain chemicals which you may be allergic to. So do not use if you’ve already had a reaction to a hair product or if your scalp is sensitive, itchy or damaged after using the product.

It has been reported that Tattoos may increase risk of an allergic reaction so try not to apply on tattooed spots.

If you are worried about the effect of the alcohol on your hair, go for alcohol-free mousses.

How To Properly Use Hair Mousses

Choose the right shampoo and hair mousse for your hair type.

Wash your hair with a shampoo and rinse properly with water,

Use dry towel to dry your rinsed wet hair to half dry or use a hair blow dryer after towel-drying to make your hair semi-dry,

Gauge the amount of mousse based on your hair strands length and apply on your hair.Ensure that the mousse you have applied reach the root of your hair, blow dry your hair, from root up, pulling the hair upwards to dry instead of aiming the blow dryer down (this will give your hair the volume you’re looking for),

Comb carefully to enhance the final look of your styled hair.

Examples of brands of mousses.

What is the best hair mousse for volume?

ORS Olive oil Mousse

Designline Volumizing Mousse Pump Up Styler,

Giovanni Ultra Volume Foam Styling Mousse

Mystic Botanicals Medium Hold Mousse

Onesta Hi-Boost Volume Mousse,

Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Mousse,

So Gorgeous Volumizing Root Mousse,

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse,

Nexxus Mousse Plus Volumizing Foam.

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