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What is Rhubarb Jam?

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Rhubarb Jam is the type of jam produced from a recipe that mixes rhubarb, sugar, lemon and water with a little stirring, to form the end product of a simple, fine-looking and perfect preserves that tastes just like old-fashioned popular jam.

Does rhubarb has a high level of pectin?

Despite strawberries being classic accompaniment with rhubarb, it is sometimes in a mix in more assertive berries, for example, raspberries and blackberries.

You can also work perfectly with frozen berries.

This is because rhubarb does not always have much pectin, and at all times , require you to add apple juice that increases the pectin content and ensures the jam set nicely.

Why is rhubarb jam Brown in colour?

When using some kind of pots, rhubarb can react with them, which may cause the rhubarb to produce a look of brownish color and may cause a change in colour of the pan used. This is as a result of its high level of acidity.

Therefore, when cooking rhubarb recipes,  it is recommended that you use a pan made from anodized aluminum, or if possible, a non-stick coated aluminum, or enameled cast iron pan.

Should you peel rhubarb for jam?

Yes, rhubarb should be peeled to get a smooth consistency. To make jam, a very smooth consistency is needed for your recipe.

Is there a time you  should not eat rhubarb?

It is stereotyped that we should not eat rhubarb from July on. This is proposed for some reasons. One of these is to allow the plant to grow for the rest of the summer, thereby giving it the opportunity to store up sugars and nutrients that will be required to ensure that the rhubarb survive through the low sunlight and cold winter and still able to produce well the next year.

Can rhubarb be eaten raw? 

As it is in botany, rhubarb is well known to be a vegetable just because it is related to sorrel and dock. Nevertheless, its thick, fleshy stalks allow us to treat it as a fruit, not considering their tart flavour.

Although some people still eat it raw, rhubarb is always too tart to eat raw. It is always best when it is cooked with plenty of sugar.

Can rhubarb be cooked without adding sugar?

If you desire a more healthy stewed rhubarb recipe, it is best made without adding sugar. Rhubarb can also be made with Honey, Maple Syrup, and Agave Syrup and so on.

For example, your choice of cooking can be a natural liquid sweetener or even raw coconut sugar.

Does rhubarb contain a lot of sugar?

Rhubarb stalks are well known snacks in some areas, and they do not have a lot of  natural sugar (just about 1 gram in each cup). If you want to control the amount of sugar in your food, they are a very good choice. They are regarded as a good source of dietary vitamin K too.

How to make home made rhubarb jam?

To.make your home made rhubarb jam in your kitchen, you need to measure the quantity of the following ingredients;

700 grams of fresh rhubarb stalks, wash and cut into smaller pieces.

200 grams ( or add more to taste) your sweetener of choice, for example coconut sugar or xylitol. 
60 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice.
Half teaspoon of pure vanilla extract. 

Clean the rhubarb stalks thoroughly to remove dirts and withered parts then  into smaller chunks so it’s easier to place in a medium-sized saucepan.Add first the measured sweetener of choice, then the lemon juice and vanilla.

Bring to a boil over medium heat, while stirring frequently at firs until the rhubarb releases its juices then turn down the heat low.Leave the rhubarb to simmer until the rhubarb chunks dissolve and the texture turns like your old-fashioned jam.

Test with a ladle, if the mixture sticks to a ladle, the jam is ready then cook under low heat for about 20-25 minutes long enough for the excess water in the fruit to evaporate but avoid burning up of the jam.

When it’s thick enough, turn off the heat, leave the jam to cool and transfer into  jars you have previously sterilized in boiling water.

Seal tight and place the jars of Rhubarb Jam in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to thicken and subsequent storage.

How can I store Rhubarb Jam?

Home made rhubarb jam can last for about a week or shorter depending on the level of exposure during usage but can last longer if stored in well sterilized glass jars and stored in freezers. 

Ready to eat rhubarb jam are better stored in freezers right the jar day it is opened.

Detection of  bad smell or change in colour with or without  offensive tastes are few ways to determine if your rhubarb jam is still wholesome and good for consumption.

However, it is important that you read the label for their expiry dates and best storage conditions as well.

How can you serve rhubarb jam?

There are many delicious ways to enjoy your rhubarb jam. This includes adding it to your early morning cereal breakfast,  smoothie, sauce, cake recipe or as spread on your bread or cracker biscuits.

Rhubarb jam is perfect on toast,  muffins, and Pancakes.

What’s the nutritional data on Rhubarb Jam?

Rhubarb Jam is very popular as a low carb food.

According to nutritionix, the nutritional data of each 20 grams of strawberry rhubarb jam  is stated on the chart shown below


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