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What is a waffeletten?

The word waffeletten is a made up word from combining two words: ‘Waffein’ ( German word for waffles) and ‘ette’ (French word for small). So waffeletten literally means small waffles. 

In the confectionery industry,  a waffeletten is a crunchy wafer of cookies that is initially rolled to a fine crispy layers and later halfway dipped into rich milk chocolate.

What are the ingredients for making waffeletten?

The ingredients include

🔸Wheat flour

🔸 Cocoa powder

🔸 Vegetable fat

🔸 Cocoa mass

🔸 Raising agents

🔸 Skimmed milk powder

🔸 Emulsifier

🔸 Flavourings

What are the recipe for making waffeletten?

📌 Measure the flour and sugar in a bowl and mix them together. 

📌 Add the butter little by little, mix thoroughly.

📌 Pour the vanilla sugar, rum and egg, then mix it into a rough dough. Knead the dough well.

📌 Shape the dough balls into a desirable shape and place on the hot waffle iron.

📌 Bake for some minutes, immerse the waffeletten individually in half.

📌 Then allow it to dry. 

What are waffletens’ allergen information?

✨ It contains wheat

✨ Egg is used for making waffeletten

✨ It is suitable for vegetarians; halal; kosher

✨ Milk is incorporated in waffeletten

✨ It is sometimes processed with soya

Is there a preservative used when making waffeletten?

Waffeletten is without preservatives and colourings

What’s the nutritional information on Waffeletten ?

According to myfitness pal,  a serving of 4 rolls of Waffeletten contains 160 calories and the nutrient data presented in the chart below

What are the best brands of Waffeletten ?

Bahlsen Waffleten Crispy Chocolate Half-Covered Biscuit Wafer Rolls ,

Honey Stinger Waffleten .

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