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What is a coffee mate?

Coffee mate is a lactose-free coffee whitener creamer produced by Nesrle in powdered , liquid or concentrated liquid forms.

Why is coffee mate bad for you?

In a class action suit on claims that Coffee Mate was advertised by Nestle as having 0 trans when there is actually partly hydrogenated oil in it , the consumers claimed that there was scientific evidence that partly hydrogenated oil was not safe before the FDA’s 2015 declaration yet Nestle included it in coffee mate and didn’t state it on the label.

These consumers who bought Coffee Mate creamer quoted a 2011 Harvard researcher who concluded that making food with partly hydrogenated oil is a food safety issue and can actually be likened to food contamination.

However, since 2015, the presence of partly hydrogenated oil is no longer considered a food safety concern. When present, it should be in low quantity and stated on food labels .

The oil in Coffee mate may contain partly hydrogenated, this makes Coffee mate likely to affect one’s level of the ‘bad’ cholesterol.

Hence, increased or excessive consumption of Coffee Mate can raise your bad cholesterol level and increase the risk of developing heart disease or stroke.

To avert this, consume coffee mate with moderation. 

What is Coffee Mate used for?

Coffee mate in it’s powdered form is just a creamy white powder used in to prepare tea and coffee.

Usually, coffee in its liquid form is creamier than just a whitener so coffee mate is best enjoyed with coffee than tea.

Can I use coffee mate instead of milk?

Coffee mate is not a product to be substituted for milk.

It can be utilized as a replacement for creamer in tea but it brings out the best taste in coffee.

How do you make coffee with coffee mate?

🔸 Heat the water

🔸 Add Nescafé with Coffee mate

🔸 Then, serve with or without sugar.

Is coffee mate high in cholesterol?

Based on its’nutritional facts, it has only 10calories, no fat, no sugar, no cholesterol, no sodium and based on its’ label, it is “gluten-free”, “lactose free”, “cholesterol free” and has “0g trans fat”.

Is Coffee Mate good for health?

Coffee mate are concoction of partially hydrogenated oil, sugar and thickeners.

Is Coffee Mate good in tea?

Coffee mate is good in coffee since it spices the coffee ups and offer varieties of flavours.

What is Coffee Mate made of?

Coffee mate is majorly made of three Ingredients which are hydrogenated vegetable oil, corn syrup solids and sodium caseinate (which is a milk derivative)

What are the major flavors of Coffee-Mate creamers?

They are

🌹 Coffee Creamers

🌹 French Vanilla

🌹 Irish Crème

🌹 Pecan

🌹 Amaretto

🌹 White Chocolate

🌹 Mocha

🌹 White Chocolate

🌹 Raspberry

🌹 Hazelnut

🌹 Southern Butter

🌹 Caramel Macchiato etc.

What are the side effects of coffee mate?

According to science, the presence of the partially hydrogenated oil at certain high levels can be a clinical concern and if it is detected at such high levels in persons with cardiovascular diseases, the continued intake of the hydrogenated oil may increase the risk of having health consequences such as cardiovascular disease with progressive decline in health , alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, cancer, cognitive decline, memory damage etc.

What is the nutritional data of Coffee Mate?

According to Nestle,  the manufacturer of Coffee Mate, the nutrition data of Coffee Mate is as stated in the chart below

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