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What is a yam flour?

Yam flour is a type of flour that is obtained by grinding dried yam (Dioscorea alata) slices into a powderic form. 

What is the benefit of yam flour?

📌 Yam flour incorporates dietary fiber, which helps in the reduction of risk of colon cancer by preventing hazardous compounds in the food from affecting the colon mucosa.

📌 Yam flour is very rich in antioxidants which helps to mop free radicals in the body. 

📌 Yam flour helps in the reduction of the risk of cancer , inflammation and prevents cell damage.

📌Yam flour has low cholesterol yet rich in iron and carbohydrate.

Does yam flour have gluten?

Yam flour is gluten free, grain free, and it is 100% natural.

Is Amala made by yam flour?

Amala is made by preparing the Yam flour in a boiling water. The delicacy prepared this way is also known as ‘Amala Isu’.

How is yam flour made?

📍 Peel some fresh tubers of yam, slice and put the sliced tubers of yam into boiling water over a period of time, depending on how thick the slices of yam are. 

📍 The yam slices are partly boiled, then dried in a dryer.

📍 After which, the dried yam is ground into powderic form.

What is yam flour in Yoruba?

Yam flour is called Elubo in Yoruba land. The yam tuber is peeled, rinsed well in water and then cut into small bits. spread the yam slices on a tray and air dry for 5 to 7 days.

Remove the dried yam slices and pound into powder in a mortal with pestle or mill into a light brown powder with a milling machine  and store in a clean dry container.  The yam flour whenever is needed, is used to  prepare amala .

Can I use yam flour to bake?

Yam flour may be used in gluten-free baked goods so as to achieve a lighter, fluffier texture.

How long can yam flour last?

Yam flour can be stored easily for a period of 12 to 18 months if the yam flour is free from moisture . 

How do you eat yam flour?

Preparation of yam flour leads to amala which is best served with ewedu soup, okra soup, ogbono or Eforiro soup. 

What’s the nutritional data on Yam Flour?

According to myfitness pal,  a serving of 56g of Yam Flour contains 250 calories and the nutrient data presented in the chart below

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