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What is known as complan?

Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you

Complan is a well known and proven dietary supplement produced to give high quality nutrition.

Complan gives a well balanced mix of high quality, important protein,fat and energy giver (carbohydrates) together with a wide range of vitamins and minerals which all help to increase energy even when a little is taken.

What products make the complan range ?

The complan brand is made up of different range of products for different age categories and as ready-to-mix or ready-to-drink products.

The complan range of products are; 

A. Complan Original For Adults

B. Mix At Home Powders Complan Range

Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you on Free Stuffs NG

Summer Strawberry Complan Powder Satchet

Delicious Banana Complan Powder Satchet

Velvety Vanilla Complan Powder Satchet

Rich Chocolate Complan Powder Satchet

C. Ready To Drink Complan

Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you on Free Stuffs NG

Complan On The Go! Strawberry 
Complan On The Go! Vanilla 
Complan On The Go! Cappuccino

D. Complan For Kids

– Creamy Classic
– Pista Badam

– Kesar Badam
– Royal Chocolate.

Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you on Free Stuffs NG

E. Complan For Toddlers

Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you

Complan NutriGo 

Which company owns complan brand?

Complan Foods, the original owners of the Complan brand is a British company that makes nutrition supplement powdered milk energy drinks.

However, in 2011, Complan Foods, UK, was acquired by Danone. 

The Complan brand now has a global presence and in India , the Complan brand is owned by an Indian consumer goods company headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat called Zydus Wellness (previously Carnation Nutra-Analogue Foods),also a subsidiary of the pharmaceutical company Cadila Healthcare.

What is complan original used for?

Complan is a powdery food supplement fortified with vitamins and minerals formulated to help support normal energy release in adults .

Complan contains vitamins B6, B12 and iron at appropriate amounts required to meet the body’s requirement for normal energy-yielding metabolism in order to restore vigor and  reduce tiredness and fatigue especially during convalescence or at periods your eating pattern is not regular and balanced.

Complan is not a substitute to healthy eating of balanced nutrition so shifting entirely to rely on complan to supply nutrients to the body is not recommended.

Who should take complan?

Complan is proven as a good supplement, which gives protein and energy, joined with about 26 vitamins and minerals that are needed in our day to day diet.

It can be a good helper to be healthy for life. So to anyone over 65years of age, complan can be trusted.

How healthy can complan be?

Other than other nutrient constitution of complan, it is also proud of some pro health vitamins which includes B9, B12, B2 and vitamin D. It is proud to have about 26 essential vitamins and minerals. These include calcium, iron, iodine, vtamins A, E, C and B12(which helps enhance memory and math ability).

How much daily can you take complan?

Together with a reasonable diet, you can take about two sachets daily. If taking an appropriate daily nutrition is difficult, you can have up to eight sachets daily, together with water, it reaches an ideal intake of about 200kcal.

To take complan, what should you mix complan with?

Measure 60g (4 filled round tablespoons) of Complan powder and add to the small amount of milk or water in a cup or cereal bowl. Mix to blend the powder and water mixture into a paste using a spoon, fork or whisk. Add some water or milk to the paste if paste is too thick. Stir well to form a drink and serve.

If you don’t like to drink it directly , you can add the paste to soups, stews, mashed potato, pasta, puddings and any other preferred foods. There are a few online recipes of food you can prepare with complan.

What age should take complan?

Complan nutri Gro chocolate is an accurate planned milk drink that is made specially and equipped with 11 immunity builders and should be taken by children that have their age between 2 and 6 years.

P.S: Most of the benefits of using Complan go to people in the age bracket 2 and 6 but it can be consumed by any age above 6.

Can we take complan as substitute of meal?

As good as complan are, they are not balance in terms of nutrients and should not be considered as replacement for meal.

They can help boost either energy or protein level. If possible, eat or drink when taking these products.

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Complan with 26 minerals and vitamins is here for you