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What is known as kulikuli ?

Free Kulikuli That Tastes Delicious & Spicy

Kuli-kuli , also known as Kulikuli, is crunchy peanut-based snack fried in oil until it is solid and crunchy.

Kulikuli is popular among West Africans where it was first made by the Nupe from central Nigeria . Kulikuli crunches is a well-known snack in countries like Nigeria, Benin, northern Cameroon and Ghana.

How do we get Kuli Kuli?


Kulikuli can be produced directly from the the paste of roasted peanuts left after the oil is removed from the peanut paste although the traditional method is that the Kulikuli is processed from the byproduct of raw peanuts from which peanut oil is produced .

What English name does Kuli Kuli have?


Kuli-kuli as known earlier is one of the most popular snacks indigenous to Nigeria . The actual name of Kulikuli in English language is Peanut Cakes or Peanut Bars .

Can a lot of profit be made from kulikuli?


Kuli kuli has a lot of nutrients and do a lot of good to the health simply because most of its nutrient and mineral contents of the raw material which is groundnut is not wasted even after it has been processed.

Thereby producing a lot of products other than kulikuli. This business yields a lot because not only kuli kuli will be produced, groundnut can also be gotten from it as well.

Where can I get Kuli Kuli?


You can get free sample of kulikuli from freestuffsng and you may order online or buy over the shelf in over 11,000 stores including Jendol, Taiwo stores, Walmart, Safeway, Whole Foods, Sprouts etc.

What is known as Kuli vegetable?


This is also called Kuli Kuli Organic Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder. It boasts of about 7.4 OZ

It includes 21 servings of Organic Pure Moringa Vegetable Powder per bag. Moringa is a super green vegetable that has more nutritients than kale.

It is known to be a very good source of iron, calcium, and fiber.

How To make Kulikuli at home ?


Ingredients used for making Kulikuli


One and half cup of roasted peeled peanuts

Half tablespoon of dry powdered chili pepper

Half tablespoon of dry powdered ginger

1 tablespoon of Nutmeg ( optional )

One tablespoon of sugar

Half teaspoon of salt

Groundnut oil

Instructions on how to prepare your Kulikuli


Mill the roasted peanuts into a paste . Remove the oil from the paste before you add the ingredients.

Mix well until the ingredients are evenly mixed with the peanut dough.

Take small portion of the raw kuli kuli dough in between your hands and flatten into a circular shape or roll into a round or cylindrical shape as long as your last finger.

Repeat this step till all the dough is made into your desired shape.

Transfer each piece into heated peanut oil in a frying pan on a stove set to medium heat .

Observe closely as each Kulikuli piece turns darker and hard within 10 minutes then flip over each frying piece to enable the other side fry.

When done with frying each set of kulikuli crunches , transfer them into a tray, spread to allow them cool and dry set into a crunchy texture.

Serve in a plate or store in a clean airtight container.

For how long can Kulikuli last?


When probably stored, it can last for 6 months.

The expiration depends on in which bag it is packed, but normally, if it is well packaged and stored, it may last for up to 1 year.

How to enjoy kulikuli?


Kulikuli is mostly eaten as snack. However, it goes well with some foods such as puddings, custard, garri, bread and popcorn .

You can try it as substitute for foods taken along with peanuts in the absence of peanuts.

What is the side effects of eating kulikuli ?

Does KuliKuli cause pimples(acne)?


If you are allergic to peanuts then Kulikuli crunches are not recommended for you.

If you are suffering from asthma, you may avoid kulikuli or take with caution because of this concern that some traces of allergens offensive to asthmatics may grow on peanut and peanut-based products.

Also, most consumers of kulikuli link peanuts and peanut products like Kulikuli with acne but this is not true as there is yet no scientific evidence that proves KuliKuli cause acne.

What ingredients used to make Kulikuli?


The ingredients used to make Kuli ingredients

KuliKuli are sugar, salt, spices like chili pepper and ginger, with roasted peanut paste.

What is kulikuli used for?


It’s popularly eaten as a tasty snack .

Kulikuli is used as ingredient in animal feed as source of nutrients such as proteins.

It is the main ingredient used to prepare Suya Spice , kebabs rub for grilled food .

What is the Nutritional value of Kulikuli Crunches ?


According to myfitnesspal, 175 gram of Kuli-Kuli contains the following nutrients:

Calories: 300

•Carbohydrates : 8g

•Fat: 48g

•Protein: 37g

• Trace amounts of Vitamins A, K, & E, and Iron.

What are the best brands of kulikuli crunches?


JDP Global Foods Kulikuli Crunches,

Abby’s Crunchy Kulikuli,

Chara Kulikuli Alata ,

Life Seeds Crunchy Kulikuli,

Marvel Kulikuli Chips ,

Zikora’s Nibbles Spicy Kulikuli .

What is JDP Global Foods Kulikuli Crunches ?

Free Kulikuli That Tastes So Delicious & Spicy


This brand of kulikuli chips are very tasty and crunchy .

Each kulikuli chip is made from well picked and cleaned peanuts and roasted with a food technology process that locks the peanut nutrients in the finshed product.

JDP Global Foods Kulikuli Crunches are rich in proteins and antioxidants.

How To Get Kulikuli Sample Free


This premium brand of kulikuli by JDP Global Foods comes absolutely free for you.

Free Kulikuli That Tastes Delicious & Spicy