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Who is a life Coach?

Free Session With A Life Coach
A life coach is a type of certified wellness professional who advise people on how they can improve their well being and make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfillment in their individual lives and relationships. They are also known as Lifestyle Gurus.

What does a life coach do exactly?

A life coach helps make people to be happier with themselves. Essentially,  they help people make progress in their lives, careers , and interactions they make in their activities of daily living (ADL) .   They use your feedback to create strategies that match your unique strengths, skills and gifts to help you improve your total wellbeing.

What skills does a life coach need ?

A life Coach is a versatile individual and team player who is certified to render life Coach services to individuals. If you are engaging with a life Coach, there are essential skills you should look out for in life coaches.

These skills found in a life Coach include ;

Effective Communication. A life Coach knows how to use the right set of words to communicate his or her strategies and emotional intelligence to win the confidence and trust of the clients. He or she is never short of the right thing to say at the right time and circumstances.
Clients may often fall back on his or her expertise for the right words they need to use in complex and dynamic life situations and relationships. Life coach is equally good at reaching out to other professionals whose services may be necessary for the wellbeing of their clients.
Listening Skills. This skill set comes naturally with the job because the life Coach patiently listens to the feedback before, during and after formal engagement with the clients. They literally listen to you with all their 5 senses in what is regarded as Non-Verbal Listening Techniques.
Life coaches will rather wait for you to finish, no matter how long your explanation takes, than to interrupt you or enable unexpected interruptions to disturb your conversation with them. They deliberately maintain or increase the channels you can reach them because they are always ready to listen to you.  Whenever you need someone who will listen attentively to you, see a life Coach.
Characteristics of Good Questions. Life coaches know that the right reasons for listening to you attentively is to create a strategy that is uniquely for you. They will ask you questions that are good and pleasant to your ears but will help you loosen up and feel comfortable to unveil your vulnerabilities without any fear of danger to you. In short, you feel good and comfortable with the manner their questions are presented to you at all times during your engagement with them. Descriptive Questions are presented in friendly words and tone and when they need you to reach an answer ,you are given Multiple Choice Questions.
Awareness is key. Life Coaches don’t live in a bubble of fantasies and denial of the complexities of life situations and relationships so nothing about life and relationships escape their attention and interest. For this particular reason,  life coaches seem to always be in trend and lively.

Who needs a life coach?

Everyone needs a life Coach.
However,  some stages in life present more complex and dynamic scenarios so engaging the services of a life Coach can be timely and helpful to you.
For example, if you’re about to change career or jobs, relocate to a new environment, adjusting lifestyle due to sudden wealth or fame or just out of a relationship you have invested so much emotional and material resources, you need a life coach.
Also, unlike your friends and family members who can easily get bored or burn out with the your discussions or nagging about your past, present and future life challenges, life coaches are more capable to help you through such almost every life stage scenario .

What problems do life coaches solve?

Life coaches solve a myriad of problems with their clients. These problems life coaches can help you solve include;
•how to overcome the pressure that comes with life roles,
•how to build great self esteem and confidence,
•understand the necessity of personal development,
•find a career path that suits you and give you that personal fulfilment .
•overcome the signs and unease of Monday morning blues.
•Set clear on your life goals.
•Be able to stay on your life goals and give account of the fulfilling tasks and outcomes .
•Do more of the tasks that match you and bring out the best in you,
•Take control of your words and emotion especially under pressure and unexpected turn of events.
•Foster and maintain healthy and better relationships.
•Have more happiness in your life.

Are life coaches legit?

Yes, life coaches are legit professionals. With increasing pressure of modern lifestyles and era of ‘new normal ‘ such as those imposed by the Covid-19 protocols and restrictions, there are now more real and imagined disruptions to people’s wellbeing. In today’s world, more people are getting life-coached and getting the improvements they need .
People now have capable support from life coaches to help them heal from expired relationships, get more joy from their activities of daily living,  become happier and more productive, and discovering themselves in dimensions that unleash their hidden potential. It’s a totally new and exciting meaning to life and living .

Who are the best life coaches?

Top Life Coaches:
Michael Legge
Tony Robbins
Tracey Ward
Blush counseling coaches
Lanre Olusola
Bashir Muse
Leslie George
Dapo Omojola.

How To Get Free Sessions With A Life Coach. 

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Free Session With A Life Coach